SSAA ACT rifle range question.

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  • SSAA ACT rifle range question.

    I'm going on a trip with my wife to Canberra at the end of this month and she has told me she wants to spend a few hrs shopping, to which i said sure thing just drop me at the nearest range and come and grab me when your done.
    A quick Google shows me there is a large complex on 50 Hector McIntosh Grove, Majura.
    Now because I will have no safe storage available to me over the weekend I will leave my rifle at home but i was wondering if I could hire a club gun while I was there.
    Does this facility offer this option?
    I have an A/B licence and am a member of SSAA.

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    Ouch.. tricky one there.

    Would it be reasonable to try to get in touch with current members and 'borrow ' a rifle while the owner attends the Club also that day ?
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      Depending on exact dates I might be able to help out with safe storage. Flick me a PM if interested.

      Majura is a great range.
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        Majura range complex offers a few shooting experiences, but you may be best served by the 500m SSAA range.

        It has sturdy concrete benches and is limited to anything less than 50calibre. The trouble you will have is that the range is booked up most weekends with public (SSAA member) shooting only available reliably on Sunday mornings. Try calling the range on 02 6241 7313 during the week and ask what the calendar looks like for the time you would be shooting.

        As for safe storage. There are a few of us in the Canberra area who can hold something for you overnight.


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          Not sure if its part of the same complex but I saw this a while ago in the SSAA mag I also thought Id like to give it a visit one day for a bit of clays action.

          Worth a call as well

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        There's a practical rifle match on Sunday Feb 28 at the Canberra Rifle Club range at Majura if you can get your wife to drop you off at 8:30 and leave you there until mid afternoon. It's the first range you get to closest to Majura parkway. The match runs from 100m to 500y with a lot of different shooting positions and some moving targets. $50 entry, maximum of 75 rounds, any caliber up to 338 and a lot of fun. There shouldn't be a problem finding a spot in someones safe if you wanted to bring your rifle along.
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          The SSAA is good, but I don't know if they have onsite storage. I'll echo the other offers, I may be able to help out with overnight storage depending on the weekend.