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  • Moe City Rifle Club

    Moe City Rifle Club

    Home to the precision rifle shooting enthusiast

    The Moe City Rifle Club is conveniently located 1km West of Moe. Just off the Princess Freeway, at 147 Mountain Glen Drive.
    The Rifle Range caters for Full Bore and F-Class type shooting at distances from 300 yards to 900 yards. Maximum calibre permitted on the range is 8mm.

    We also compete in club events at other rifle ranges including, Rosedale, Yarram and Lang Lang.

    New shooters are most welcome, come along and join in the fun.

    For further information please contact...........

    Peter Aboltins

    Ph (03) 5127 2658

    Full Membership Fees $252 per year.

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    What time are u open on saturdays


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      ...and if one wishes to visit from elsewhere in the state???
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        Shooting starts at 1pm Saturdays but is available from 10am by arrangement.
        Contact numbers are above.
        Visitors are welcome. Shooters licence is required.