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  • Alpine Precision Rifle Club

    Alpine Precision Rifle Club is a single club catering for rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting.

    we shoot Precision Rifle, Service and Field discipline , Target Rifle full bore and optic class at Sydney’s historic Anzac Rifle Range, Malabar, and occasionally at other ranges as well, as guests of affiliated clubs at Hornsby and Cecil Park SISC.

    Our club caters for all shooting disciplines for one flat membership fee.

    ALPINE Hunting and Target Shooting Club

    Take your marksmanship to an ALPINE peak!

    WHEN: Every Saturday, from 9.20AM to 5PM. There are several events throughout the day covering centrefire, rimfire, pistol and/or shotgun. Visitors, including new shooters and members of other clubs, are welcome to take part in selected rifle events or plink (in pairs) alongside.

    Wednesdays club member shoot At Cecil Park SISC, and Sundays Hornsby Rifle Range.

    Pistol and shotgun events and hunting trips are open to members only.

    You’ll find brief details of upcoming matches in the sidebar at right on our website and once you are a member you’ll receive weekly detailed updates.

    We are Affiliated with NSWRA and NRAA and compete in Offical Prize Meets (OPM) around Australia for Field Rifle, Queens Competition Target Rifle, Highpower, and International Service Rifle in USA and New Zealand.

    HOW easy is it to join? If you don’t yet have a firearms licence, come along one Saturday, try rifle shooting and apply for your licence. If you are a licensed shooter, you can shoot with us and, if you like it, join the club. Click on the Get Started tab on our website for more details.

    WHY try it? Shooting is fun, absorbing, and endlessly challenging, and our members believe that the more kinds of shooting you do, the better you get at all of them!

    Shooting with Alpine: the best sport in town.

    You can find contact details for for Club Captain on the website or alternatively PM me for my contact number and i can arrange some information for your attendance.

    Also those interested in shooting Fclass and Fullbore you can contact me, PM for my number as Iam the Vice captain of the Target Rifle team and i can help you get involved in long range shooting, for Fun or competitions.

    Best Regards
    Vice Captain Target Rifle
    Alpine Precision Rifle Club

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    Great thread GOOOOOO ALPINE : )


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      Aushunter commented
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      I'd love to come & shoot with you at Malabar but like about 70% of Sydney siders I work every Saturday
      Would be great if you guys started to do some Sunday shoots!!!!!!!

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    Can you give me a quick rundown on rimfire Field rifle with Alpine? I believe it's at SISC? Do you only shoot there Wednesday nights? How about the weekend?

    I emailed Mark Guest late last night but understandably yet to get a reply.


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      Spec5 commented
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      Currently Alpine is shooting at Cecil Park every second Saturday (next shoot is this weekend, 23 August). The 50m rimfire match is the same as the 100m centerfire match:

      Unlimited sighters and then 35 rounds to count
      Bipod/rest: 4 rounds in 4 min.
      Prone: 4 rounds in 4 min.
      Prone: 3-round rapid in 25 sec. from a standing, bolt-open start
      Sitting: 4 rounds in 4 min.
      Sitting: 3-round rapid in 25 sec. from a standing, bolt-open, start
      Kneeling: 4 rounds in 4 min.
      Standing: 4 rounds in 4 min.
      Standing: 3-round rapid in 25 sec. from a standing ‘bolt-open’ start
      Standing: 6-round cumulative snap: 1-2-3 rounds in 5-9-13 sec.

      ** Rimfire mach is shot with .22lr only, preferably standard velocity. SISC has provisions for 22wmr, 17hmr, etc but at the other end of the facility from where Alpine shoots their match.