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    I have been a member at Melbourne International Shooting Club for about a year and joined because I wanted a club the was centrally located and easy to get to Fisherman's Bend (not far from the Bridge).

    Plus I wanted 24/7 access so that i could shoot when it suited me.
    The members are a friendly crowd and very helpful to new members. Great club!
    They have 10m, 25m and 50m ranges for air, rimfire and centrefirel.
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    $658.00 for the first year's adult membership does seem a bit over the top...
    ...even if it does drop down to $523.00 for each following year...

    No facilities for non-pistol calibre rifles either - maximum is .44 Magnum (not surprising given the location).
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      There is no range fees and if you factor in paying $10 a week at other TRV clubs then it adds up pretty quick to $520 plus that is taking into account that you are not shooting multiple times a week. So it is really in ratio and is really on par just instead you are paying all the fees up front. Plus not to mention other clubs still charge membership fees as you would expect so considering the opportunities as well as facilities it is a pretty good deal.

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    Yeah that is a roughly commensurate cost for pistol club membership in many places. Once you factor in captation fees to the peak competitive organisation (often included in pistol club membership as mine does) and no range fees (better than $15-20 per rifle club comp) then its not really so bad. Considering club membership and competition is a compulsory element of licensing, unlike longarms.


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      Very friendly to new members, haha now that probably is the quote for 2013.
      All i can say is the complete opposite. A club that is unfortunately split and extremely caught upon the "old ways" which has driven quite a number of members away to other clubs.
      Regards IPSC as the scourge of the pistol world and extremely difficult to deal with, happily accept your financial contribution and drop you quicker than a piece of hot brass in your hand


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        Well that's a shame if true bigbear...particularly where the attitude to IPSC is concerned (alas this attitude exists elsewhere) Considering your licensing body hasn't gone the omgtheskyisfalling route and imposed range restrictions making the sport difficult to sustain - even more so.


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          There is hope for the club, the old has been replaced with the new.
          A little glimpse into the old perspective of IPSC at MISC, one had to watch IPSC training for at least 2-3 months before one could participate.
          It has taken me personally, 2 years at the club to get on the path of IPSC, thought i would give it one last chance before i decided to move to greener, friendlier pastures.