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  • Gold Coast Pistol Club

    We are the only outdoor pistol club on the Gold Coast, and also one of the few Pistol Clubs that shoot ALL of the Pistol disciplines available, from Air Pistol and the various ISSF (Olympic Games) matches through to Service Pistol, Black Powder, Metallic Silhouette, Western Action, IPSC, and Action Match.

    In addition, we also shoot a limited range of .22 calibre Rifle matches. The Club is officially registered as a shooting range with both the Queensland and NSW Police, so NSW residents may also join as members.

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    I must say I like range 1. the new concrete job came out well. What is up with the "cliff" though. There were stairs there at one point.

    anyhow had a nice shoot there with my 77/357 for about an hour until the boys showed up to shoot there comp. They had themselves a good time it seemed to me. I would guess there was about 12 of them shooting that day.

    All in all its a fun club which allows a lot of different things to be shot at there ranges and they are open everyday.
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