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  • Auburn Shooting Academy

    Has anyone had any experience with the Auburn Shooting Academy?

    I recently went to their open day, and had a blast (pun intended).

    They seem to be a nice lot - and had a lot of members and visitors on the day.

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    I shot there as a visitor on a Tuesday night a while ago. Nice little range, and a friendly & helpful bunch of people there too.


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      i used to shoot there mid week as a visitor also, they have different clubs that shoot there.

      Also for anyone interested we (a group of pistol shooting mates) used to book out one range for ourselves so we could do some IPSC practice. this meant we could go forward and practice drills including fire and movement

      may be a good option for a forum shoot at some stage



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        Hi Luke

        Its good to hear you had a blast at the open day. Its a pretty good bunch of people at Auburn and there are plenty of clubs to choose from depending when you want to shoot.
        The SAC club held the open day and shoot Thursday nights, interclub comp monthly on a Wednesday and there is a bunch of guys that practice IPSC on Sunday.

        If you are interested in more info about the club feel free to message me and I will be happy to show you around and introduce you to everyone, so you can decide if the club is right for you


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      Email sent

      Many thanks in advance, apologies for all the questions, this is all very new and exciting for me.