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    On Sunday 15 December we held our Xmas shoot, club level and as it was our last shoot for the year, people get to use mainly pistols they shoot on special occasions, NOT their usual toy guns. Revolvers and other quaint toys find their way to the range, speed loaders and some even dress in floral shirts, reindeer antlers are the range and a good time is had by all.
    Normally I have a camera or mobile phone with camera, this year a nice day, no camera, and shoot with a great squad, 107 shooters all up.

    NO camera, the most stupid thing I have forgotten to bring, WHY, in our squad of 18 shooters was a member using a 1913 Mauser, with feeder clips, and original wooden holster. I felt privileged to stand next to him as he loaded his Mauser, and to see him shoot using a 100 year old firearm was just fantastic. Would loved to have downloaded a picture of the event, RATS.
    To consider a 100 year old semi automatic pistol, being used in 2013, it functioned well, a few very minor glitches, case and ammunition, the firearm was perfect and accurate. I think the match was over 110 rounds, or thereabouts.
    I wonder if any of our firearms made in 2000 plus will be functioning around 2100, I think a few Colts and S&W will, but I wonder just how many can stand the test of time of 100 years.
    A great days shoot, reminds me of my Luger 1917 I owned 15 years back and my Colt Gold Cup, thanks to the buy back I no longer have them, idiot Howard.
    I must admit the Luger I owned for some 10 years I shot once per year, possibly 20 rounds and then locked it away, I think it could have eaten hundreds of rounds per month and still come back for more.

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    Dear diary........


    In all seriousness, I love old guns, they are works of art in their own right!


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      Thanks for sharing, Susan.
      Fun days like that are great, no pressure, not much competitive tension and everyone enjoys themselves.
      The perfect counter to the more serious 2 day matches and a great way to show new shooters just how much fun it is.

      Paul D


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        Agreed, Paul. What a great way to introduce new shooters minus the usual comp pressure. Ven better if theres n added 'fun' aspect. The hawaiian-shirt shoot we had at Blacktown every December were great....hopefully will see a return next year