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    Hey Guys,

    Starting out with IPSC have use nylon holsters before but was looking at a Kydex type holster. Can anyone recommend some good brands. The LGS has Blade-Tech and 5.11 Holsters. The 5.11 are made by Blade-Tech anyway. Its to suit a Glock 34. Also came across these Bravo Concealment holsters. Anyone had experience with them?


    Anyway any info would be great. Want to stay away from speed type cut away holsters at this stage.



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    Chuck - Blade Tech DOH are very popular with IPSC shooters, especially in production division. The Dropped Offset (DOH) is probably the pick as it places the gun fairly low down and comfortable, without any modifications. Here's a link to one - http://www.db-shootingsupplies.com.au/products/holsters/bladetech/speedrig/
    I use a Blackhawk Serpa and find it excellent, although they do not come with a decent belt attachment, so you end up making one of your own. I like the security of the press-button lock on them, there's no way the gun's coming out without pressing the button.

    Paul D


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      Chuck got to agree with PWD, Blade Tech are about the best if you are starting of in IPSC, should not be too hard to pick up most reputable dealers stock them.


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        Got a BladeTech DOH with adjustable stingray belt attachment from Shooters Connection (US) for AU$120 (including freight).

        LGS had them for AU$105 but nobody had left hand (and i did not want to wait).

        Note current adjustable stingray belt attachment is a little different to the older one in picture above.
        It is actually like this (below);


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      Interesting the different belt attachment styles for Bladetechs. Mine has the (dunno if its been superceded) Tek-lok system