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    Saturday and Sunday the 28 th and 29th of September. This was the first competition besides tuesday night club shoots I have ever been to and it was really great fun.
    Well run and with computer scoring it all ran like clockwork. many good people working behind the scenes. I have seen the good scores the really good guys get in shooting written down but with the computer scoring you get to see the individual shots on a couple of 42 inch screens in the club room when it is not your turn. That is a eye opener on just how good these guys are shooting in really windy conditions and punching bullseye after bullseye.
    The thing that really impressed the hell out of me though was the position shooters that can get nearly as good scores shooting prone with open sights as us bench resters . The other thing that really impressed me was just how friendly everyone was and they made you feel very welcomeI thought I would just shoot my targets and probably go home but stayed all day and it was really exciting in the shoot off at the end of the day.The best eight shooters line up have something like eight shots in a couple of minutes then they shot two shots in 30 seconds and person with the least score drops out ,two again and next person drops out and so on down to last two the winners gets the gold medal talk about pressure.
    I won the wooden spoon so at least I won something but I am not the slightest bit disappointed I had a wonderful day and look forward to shooting many more in the future. Thank you to everyone that was involved with running of the day very professionally run event and a credit to you.
    I shoot with a sporter rifle with a Sinclair fore end adaptor so if anybody else is thinking of having a go I highly recommend having a crack at bench rest shooting.
    John Patzwald won the highest score for the combined two days and Barry Hilzinger won the pressure shoot finishing with two near perfect shots for the gold medal.
    kind regards Ben