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  • 300 Metre Fly Shooting

    Fly Shooting is a growing national competition with 500m Fly shoots held regularly during the year in Victoria, NSW and Queensland for the Shooter Of The Year competition and events are registered.

    To a lesser extent and growing is 300m Fly, non registered events that cater for Custom and Factory Class Rifles.

    It is designed for the serious shooter and the plinker that wants to have a go at competative target shooting.

    Hopefully one new venue might be at SSAA Mudgee but time will tell.

    When you get good at it the results can be very rewarding.

    Here is Anthony Hall (SSAA Batemans Bay) who competes in most all shoots around the country.

    Photo curtosy of the Wagga local rag and shot at SSAA Wagga. Not bad and well done Anthony.

    Canberra SSAA at times have a 300m Bat Shoot held at night time. One is coming up in a few weeks on the 28th Sept.

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    Iam competing in the 300m fly factory class on Sunday coming for the first time ever.

    With a bit of help from the man in the photo himself ( he's my boss lol)