2013 SSAA CSD State Championships

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  • 2013 SSAA CSD State Championships

    NSW CSD State is on Friday 13th to Sunday 15th September at Windamere Regional Shooting Complex - on Range 2.

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    Hey Hilux, I mean Wombat (dammit gotta get used to that lol)

    Wish I could be there but just had cortisone injected into my shooting shoulder today (typing with one hand FTW ) plus I'm hopefully gonna be embarassing myself publicly in Grafton for an IPSC comp on the 14-15th, hope the shoulder is good by then! :lol:

    I told Quinny he better clean up on the prizes, or else...or else its some kinda obscure and painful punishment I haven't dreamt up yet :P

    Not that I've shot a rifle since Jan...but I have been buying shitloads in the meantime to make up for it. Not being able to shoot can do that, I warn you lol

    Hope all you guys have a great time. Shout you a few Coopers next time, OK?