2013 World Benchrest Championship - Silverdale NSW

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  • 2013 World Benchrest Championship - Silverdale NSW

    To anyone interested the 2013 WBC is on at SSAA Silverdale Range at present.

    The scores and plenty of photos are available on Benchrest Central ....


    Doesn't look like the Aussies are going all that well at present but not badly either.

    Do see Stuart & Annie Elliott in there providing support and assistance to the venue, a couple of other familiar faces too.

    For those that want to see some photos of some very neat and expensive equipment have a look at the various threads. ( from Range to Reloading )

    BTW..... Stuart Elliott, Brendan Atkison, Paul Sullivan & Craig Whittleton were the Australia A Team that took the championship away from the USA Team in 2009 at the South African event.

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    Thanks Mega

    It dose give me a laugh that the WORLD benchrest championship is held there.

    Imagine traveling for 48 hours and ending up at silverdale..... :lol: :lol:



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      What's wrong with SSAA Silverdale.....?????

      Never been there but the facilities look pretty good, lot's of benches and I believe there was quite some money spent in order to host this competition. The facilities from what I can see in the photo's look pretty smick compared to other venues.

      Is it the distance restriction...????

      Anyway, go the Aussies......!!!!


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        Thanks for the info, I'm trying to find these pics but nothing showing.. Don't worry it's working now

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        Yes Silverdale has improved out of sight in the past 12 months, lots of money spent . I attended a rimfire event there about a month ago and it was all good, including the staff who ran the comp.

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      Unless you have something bigger than a 308 or have a muzzle brake


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        Originally posted by 10 Mile Sniper" post=22257
        Unless you have something bigger than a 308 or have a muzzle brake
        What you can't use anything with a cartridge greater than a .308?

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      I have just returned from Silverdale WBC and would like to make a couple of points.
      Having shot around the World on many ranges, I can assure you that the facilities at Silverdale are among the best that I have seen.
      It has excellent reloading facilities, superb benches and the store and canteen were well stocked for the shoot.
      There were many countries competing, and I did not hear one single complaint about the shoot or the facilities.

      Three Aussie teams competed and we finished 3rd 4th and 5th in the overall teams event. The USA A team and the South African A team were just too good.

      Brendan Atkinson


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        FYI, see below which has been communicated previously:

        Due to a NSW Firearms Registry regulation, the Silverdale range:

        - Cannot permit calibres with energy exceeding 3,000 foot-pounds at 200 meters.
        - Cannot permit the use of full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition

        The committee have consulted ballistics tables and utilised a ballistics calculator to determine which calibres are affected.

        Regretfully, the below calibres are not permitted for use at Silverdale range:

        •.50 BMG
        •.577 Tyrannosaur
        •.416 Barrett
        •.408 Chey Tac
        •.700 Nitro Express
        •.500 Jeffrey
        •.460 Weatherby Magnum
        •.450 Dakota
        •.505 Gibbs
        •.378 Weatherby Magnum
        •.577 Nitro Express
        •.600 Nitro Express
        •.416 Weatherby Magnum
        •.416 Dakota
        •.465 H&H Magnum
        •.338-378 Weatherby
        •.500 Nitro Express
        •.375 Weatherby Magnum
        •.340 Weatherby Magnum
        •.330 Dakota
        •.458 Lott
        •.416 Remington Magnum
        •.375 Ultra Mag
        •.30-378 Weatherby
        •.400 H&H Magnum
        •.338 Ultra Mag
        •.450 Nitro Express
        •.35 Newton
        •.358 STA
        •.300 Ultra Mag
        •.300 Weatherby Magnum
        •.338 Lapua Magnum
        •.300 Dakota
        •.416 Rigby
        •.416 Taylor
        •.470 Nitro Express
        •.458 Winchester Magnum

        The above list is also posted at the range counter for reference.
        You get to the next level by being the first one on the range and the last one to leave - Jerry Miculek.