Bridge to Brisbane - Father's Day 2014

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  • Bridge to Brisbane - Father's Day 2014

    Happy Father's Day everyone!
    My second one, and decided to celebrate in style. After all, I suck and I hate myself

    To that end, I did the ten klicks with a penalty weight of 20kg's of kit in my favourite Mystery Ranch pack - so with the expression of self loathing on my face, I wasn't too hard to spot.

    My planned finish time was to be one hour and forty miniutes.
    I'm rather pleased to say I did it in 1hr 33mins. Significantly faster than I planned on. A couple of factors: in training, I don't shuffle (run), and the Good Lord saw fit provide so much eye-candy for me to ogle. Proof that there is a God, and He really does love broken old Diggers :lol:

    Heart/fitness wise, average. I could do it again this afternoon, despite feeling a little bit stiff.
    But... my feet have a couple of decent blisters. The current job has me doing more sitting/standing than walking, and I haven't been toughening my feet as much.

    Did anyone else go? How was it for you?
    Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.

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    Well done 22F.

    Sadly this year was the first year this decade I missed both B2B and the Gold Coast marathon.

    Not due to work either.

    Took the dogs for a run on the beach this weekend before B2B and sadly my bitch has suffered an injury while running. Unfortunately unable to put a load on her right rear leg.

    Proof that exercise can cause harm without proper preparation.

    Take care out there.


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      Ah bugger mate!
      Hopefully, the poor girl comes good.
      Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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        did you pay the toll on the bridge
        ONE AXLE OR TWO after the eye candy
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