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    An old work colleague and myself and others have a team going for the Sprint. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. You also more than welcome to join any future teams we have including Super, Beast and Ultra Beast.

    If your in Vic or willing to travel to Vic that is

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    Holy shit mate, I have been looking at the Spartan Sprint for a while now and looks like a fun challenge, but a Beast?! Nooooo way! If you do the Sprint, I think it is necessary that you wear a leather loin cloth and boots and carry a big ass shield and spear. Don't want it to be too easy!

    Unfortunately, living up here in North Qld, trying to get to any of these events ends up costing a bit by the time you pay for flights and accom, so I have been slack and haven't booked any. Tough Mudder is supposedly coming here though so I have my fingers crossed for that one.

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    What You trying to kill me? When you want to put a team in for the 200m pissfartnabout give me a call. :P

  • GOD
    Let's put a team in Saint Vincent.

    Send me the details mate. Time to sharpen those lighting bolts and I'm nominating member 'Zero' as your first recruit and I'm pretty sure as hell you'd be able to coerce member 'Youngun' as well.

    "This is where we fight... this is where they die" Sorry just had to add that.... Coz I told him to say it. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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    Spartan Trifecta 2014

    So who's doing it with me?

    I did a Spartan Super in 2013 and loved it. So next year I'm going to do a trifecta... Possibly more.

    Spartan Sprint - 7km plus obstacles is already booked.
    Spartan Super - 15km, 25+ obstacles
    Spartan Beast - 21 km, 30+ obstacles

    Punishment for failed obstacles is 30 burpees on the spot.

    If an Ultra Beast event comes to Vic I will do it.

    Who is joining me? Perfect opportunity to get off the couch and become fit.