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  • When you overestimate your abilities

    I think about the time this Category was established there were a few lads on here working towards not being so freaking big.
    I chimed in and had my 2 cents for shits and giggles and because I had been working pretty hard on it and thought my input might help someone else across the line.
    Dunno it might be 18 months or 2 years ago not sure but I had started swimming, mostly because other shit didn't work like ankles, knees and back! The shoulders always ached so I reckon it would make no difference anyway, so I taught myself how to swim.
    I started in the pool and then the Jetty here at home. I was a shave off 110kg then now I'm 93 I would like to get a bit lighter but I seem to have plateaued having been 93 for some time. Beer oh beer if I want to hit target weight it will have to go so I am happy with 93.
    Anyway I have between shooting getting away with the misses to ocean swims, races but my aim is just to finish. I reckon I've swam about 10, I started with 6-700m swims now I am doing 1500m swims, did one 2k. It takes me about 20 minutes to swim a kilometre now if I bust my arse.

    The misses is a real swimmer, she can knock a kay over in 15 minutes, her mates asked her to do a swim in Malaysia, cash prize of $500 pretty much covers the flight costs for her, well if she wins which she may well do. So I go stuff it (F#@K it) and go online and nominate her its like $28 bucks Aussie so, I go you know what!? I'm gonna do it too! So I sign up as well......boys its a six and a half kilometre swim.....

    thats overestimating my abilities

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    Although commendable, in such a swim I would want to be on a boat and close to her. I have no idea how such events are conducted but I am tipping swimmers would have a support boat. If my lady got into trouble I'd want to be there 'cause no one else would care more.
    Have a great time.
    If you're going through hell, keep going."
    Winston Churchill


    • 17Hornet
      17Hornet commented
      Editing a comment

      Six and a half K's is not too shabby, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming".....

      There was my 'help me to lose weight' thread I started about 12 months ago, with a 2 year goal to get about 30kg off.
      That was at the start of last year.

      One by one we all wanted to do well, and tried our own ways.
      The most consistent was our mate DeadMeat and I have to commend him at his perseverance.
      Along with health issues of Influenza A twice and the recovery periods there was young family, and old family
      with physical and illness's, some other personal stuff, and a re-occuring upper back problem from a tree branch
      falling 10-12m across my back.
      Lots of School priorities too scattered between 3 kids, and a 13yr old not coping at all.
      In short the exercise side was a small problem for me... the motivation department was not sending email reminders..

      With all this I did lose a little weight and kept it off, diet has changed and I'm being taken more seriously because my efforts at
      1/3 of the calorie intake and diet changes were not working.
      Which is a rude shock because it should have just by itself.

      I still have about 12 months to go and the Uni gym is back in swing so signed up again but doing a different program and Dietitian
      is about to be onboard with the GP, bloods have shown some minor issues that prevent loss, so see where I go from here.

      Frankly I think correct diet with the correct type of exercise, will work in the end, the commitment is still there to reach the goal.
      Time poor doesnt help me, and illness didnt help either, lost nearly 6 months to care of me or family.

      Did I over estimate my abilities there ? Maybe.
      Have I stopped ? No definitely not ! It was never about short term goals for me, but permanent achievement.

      We have a niece that lost a massive amount of body fat in a few months, scary change really, but she is also 17yrs old.
      Her diet is not far from mine, so it was a primer to look into me further. Her fitness levels are as you would expect for a 17yr old
      at her new weight level now. She is about 500 calories above me at the biggest difference.
      She is okay and healthy, it was a planned effort and carefully monitored - fortunately.

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    Jeez you lot ! I could offer some ideas but probably just a couple of things that worked for me over many years.
    Yes its probably correct that you are what you eat < drink or smoke > etc.

    Diets ?, tried many nah !, short of starvation not much helped but almost vegetarian and fruit is good.
    There must be a case in there to have a crack at some of the excuses for wholesome food that big manufacturers and fresh food people promote.
    Getting back to basics and home grown with out all the additives and poisons can help there.

    Work and exercise ?. Well hard work never killed anyone it is said but I doubt the veracity of that advice as it dam near killed me and more than once too.
    Being quick on your feet and " Born Lucky "has been the main reason I am still alive and fighting kicking.
    True I did try to recall all the times I should have been dead from one thing or another and I ran out of fingers and toes and still had a few incidents to go.
    Frig`n cats and nine lives don`t hold a candle to me on that score.

    Positive thinking ?, Here`s where it gets a bit off tangent but worth the mention.
    My view may not be for everyone but I take it from observations of people affected over a long time and variety of situations.

    While the old "you can be anything you want to be" is probably a bit much for the average person it goes along way to getting there for almost any one if its applied with diligence and time.
    You are what you eat and think and do seems to be closer to reality.

    Setting goals and objectives : yep been there done that and had numbers of high productivity spruikers in the work smarter not harder trainers all tell their versions too. Don`t forget motivational therapy is to get you to do more for them not improve your result for "you".

    Ayn Rand "It`s ok to be selfish was a motivational read for me among other things.


    So how do we do all this ??, and before breakfast as well.
    Do an honest appraisal of your objective end point , know your limitations but go just a tad further.

    Remove all distractions and diversions from your chosen gaol.
    Can`t remove them go round them not just the obvious ones, all of them.
    Bite the bullet on the hard ones even if it hurts in the short term it will be a god-send in the long one.
    Most of our limits are governed by some historic idea but don`t need to be .
    We are all capable of thinking ourselves well and even healthy if we learn how to think like that.
    It wont mend broken bones but it sure goes along way to feeling well after years of making others happy I switched to making ME happy, the change is remarkable.
    A helpful partner , a good dog, and a bit of F&^%ck the world helps to.

    Sharing this not to be a smart arse but if it helps some one then so be it.

    There`s not too much wrong with the world but the inhabitants are a worry if you let it be one. .
    YMMV : but its up to you
    Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

    Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.


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      It's interesting reading these posts, because 6 months ago i stepped on a set of scales and it screamed....... Not really, I think it was me who screamed...... I was 122kg, which is 2kg over the maximum carrying capacity of my kayak, no wonder the thing was dragging it's arse through the water.

      I had never been that heavy in my life, too many coffee scrolls and cappuccinos and late night chips, plus getting older. Now, 6 months later, I am down to just under 100kg and plan to get down to 90kg in the next 6 months.

      For me, it has meant a complete lifestyle change. I have followed a specific diet plan, stopped eating shit and drinking alcohol (hard, but necessary) and introduced regular exercise into my life.

      Stupid thing is, it wasn't that hard. I hate cliches, but it really is a mental thing, you have't to want to do, make the sacrifices and commit 100%. The main thing I had to exercise throughout the whole experience was that squishy grey thing between my ears. Once I had changed my mindset and banished the mental habits I'd develop over years of doing the wrong things, the rest just fell into place.

      Now I am determined to never go back to my old ways and I never want to be that heavy again.

      And like NoFerals said, a supportive partner (she is doing it too) and family (pets included) really helps.


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        Note : I never started out fat or overweight and I was fit enough too.
        Hard physical work does that, but not whole body benefits just from the hard work that`s wooly thinking.
        Variety is the key.

        What does not help is bitchy women > unruly kids > develop into uncontrollable teenagers > eventually Adults who find out you were right but that does not help you any by then.
        Work is the same High Stress and trying to do more than you should ---uhuhh ! nope.
        Your responsibility is to get your job done on time and as well as possible or change freaking jobs ---you are not indispensable -- no one is-- moneys not everything and definitely not worth your health.

        Having arrived and survived this far you might find you have a Liver disease > Jack the dancer > or Diabetes > or worse a full on Coronary episode of one type or another or just bits off all of those and they can`t really be pinned down to one thing but NO diet works until you find the key. YMMV and your luck will too.
        There`s a lot of value in Holistic approaches to compound problems with along history of sneaking up on people.
        My key was ditching all forms of stress including some self inflicted and an allergy to one component in white bread.
        More its not the bread itself but the manufacturing process that creates the problem with the breads < flour > Cooking etc>
        That`s a topic on its own but avoidance from then on and the proper help from a liver Specialist who knows what he is about instead of the usual here Take this pill and give up booze advice normally dished out and here I am.

        Not Wylie Coyote .
        No way but its funny self image is a good thing at times.

        Very appropriate though O/T in an oblique way

        Ditch the lot and start over .
        Go shooting if you get time --- if not make some bloody time --- don`t just think about it --- do it
        Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

        Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.


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          I commend you blokes for something that I really harp on about with my Scouts and friends around me:

          Mindset and diligence count for a lot.
          Keep trying different things until you find what works for your circumstances.

          Bloody well done!

          I’ve started my fitness kick again. I particularly hate running, but it’s one of the best things for me and my fitness.
          Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


          • 17Hornet
            17Hornet commented
            Editing a comment
            Heading back to the original post by Dan.

            I have memories when I was skilling up in my trade and just finished the apprenticeship, out there and wandering around
            picking up work and trying to figure out where I wanted to be.

            Was offered a job to replace an Electrical Engineer at sea on a sheep transport ship for a single trip to Saudi,
            I wasnt sure what I was getting into but thought 'sure lets do it' 'I can deal with it'.

            About 3 min after leaving the wharf I was notified that the Steering Rudder may have an electrical problem....
            entering the 'steering servo motor' room, my balls jumped, ( I had no idea what to look at first )
            Tugs were directing the fully loaded ship out of Fremantle Harbour because we had no steering and were underway,
            so I was under pressure to perform with sweet FA experience in this problem.

            KIS principle was flapping around in my head like a Carp on a riverbank ! Chief Engineer over my shoulder, radio chat,
            I was sweating, AND I was getting sea sick to boot.

            Checked power to the room, power to the controllers of the servos, servos in models cars and planes are cute,
            these are the size of VW Kombi Vans - one each side of the rudder, appeared that the servos had a power to commutator segment issue.
            The carbon brush slides were filthy, and segment insulation was filthy, not full power to the segments, so figured the brushes were sticking.
            My previous experience was with electric drill commutators, these buggers had coms 3 feet in diameter and hundreds of segments about 1 cm wide.

            I isolated the servos and got to work cleaning dozens a carbon brush slides and refacing them to shape tight on the com, then cleaning the coms
            and segment insulation so there was no bridging.
            This took me ages, all while 'throwing up' into a bucket as we were just steaming slowly out to sea.
            Job done, tested electrically and I brought it back online. IT WORKED !
            CE patted my back and I could not get out of there fast enough for fresh cool air.

            I did punch higher, and over estimated my abilities, made me work, stressed me out - but what an experience.

            At the very end of the trip I found out I had a Chinese Sparky that was supposed to do the work and well experienced,
            he was hiding the entire trip and the CE thought I knew the Sparky was onboard and was supposed to be working for me !!
            :lol: :lol: :lol:
            I think the Captain cut his pay for not working that trip.

            You always learn from a challenge. "Just keep swimming".

            Click the link above to get full info on the Ship.

            Click image for larger version

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