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  • Eye ulcers

    Anyone here had an eye ulcer?
    And if so what was the typical amount of days until you felt like the eye was Bach to normal?

    I got a corneal eye ulcer as of Saturday morning, been to two hospitals, had my eye treated and am now applying treatment as directed at home.
    Happens to be my bloody right eye too.

    I am booked in for a deer hunt this coming Monday,…things are beginning to feel better,…will it be ok in time?

    Please say yes.:S
    What was your own amount of days for it to heal?

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    I had a scratch in my cornea that was close to becoming ulcerated.

    Took weeks and weeks to heal, felt better with meds but was a long time healing.
    Maybe because of the scratch.

    But just for you... you'll be right on Monday.

    I hope you are.
    Didnt the doc give you an idea?
    The TRUTH is out there,
    the Aliens think its a great joke on us.
    We still believe in Santa, but eat the Easter Bunny

    And the Easter Bunny tastes SO GOOD !!
    That's why he is made of Chocolate.


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      The Chinese Doogie Houser said should be able to return back to work by mid week,......but possibly next week.
      Mind you,....he was a young Dr who had the personality of a calculator
      maybe some cement might be what i need.:lol:

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    1-2 weeks would be about right, as long as you keep using the eye ointment until it heals.
    You could always shoot left handed? That would be worth bragging about.


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      spent another 2 hr in royal adelaide hospital (1 hr 45 min waiting,.......15min treatment.
      ulcer down to 1mm in size,.......abrasion across eye taking its sweet time in healing.
      vision only just coming back good enough to see keys on keyboard.

      either way,.........i'm off deer hunting as of sunday night.
      left handed it might be if required.

      up until then i'll keep on with the ointments etc.

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    Good stuff Gav.
    "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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      What else can be said.