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  • 50 is just around the corner

    As I mentioned way back in 17 Hornets thread http://shootingaustralia.net/forum/the-shed/17970-help-me-get-fit-and-lose-a-pile-of-weight-advice-please?limitstart=0 I intend on starting a bit of a fitness & diet regime myself for my own reasons.

    Im about to turn 49 in the next month so 50 is around the corner for me.

    I promised myself a long time ago (okay about 4 years ago) that for my 50th I want to be in at least half decent shape compared to what I have been..

    But I guess the most important thing is I want this to be a catalyst to trying to have a bit of longevity & be able to take advantage of what life has to offer down the track.

    I am being totally honest admitting that for the last 10 years I let myself go.
    Basically I have done nothing to keep myself in shape nor tied.

    I starting working my first dedicated full time position for a long while in 2006 & in order to do this I gave up my lifestyle of being a self proclaimed fully fledged snow skiing bum that snow skied up to 8 months a years in Australia & overseas for the 15 years prior.

    Put it this way, between 22 & 36 I had the most fun you could have as a single man in the ski fields home & abroad
    I sometimes wonder why I gave this lifestyle up :lol:

    I would go up & down it weight dramatically in short periods but the thing that always brought me back was the fact that I was young & I knew I had to get ready for the next ski season or that next trip to somewhere in the world as I knew I was going to have to be "on it" from day one skiing in chest deep powder or doing some GS racing training.
    During these skiing periods we also used to do a lot of high altitude training so when you came back to sea level you almost think you are on the moon as everything seems so much easier.

    Anyway I digress.........

    From Monday 6th of February its my turn to get serious.

    I will be setting out a reasonably strict 21 day rotating diet for myself which I will be happy to share with you all if you are interested?
    I am happy to provide the program & the recipes as well if others wish to follow but be warned it may be to strict for some to follow or the ingredients a bit hard to get though I hope you can use or adapt the information as you will.

    Exercise will be moderate to start, most likely starting with a combination of cycling, weights & eventually introduce short burst higher intensity training.

    Don't get me wrong guys, this is not a completion but merely a start to a better lifestyle for myself & a wake up call that I need to change if I want to see 75!.

    On my 50th whatever I do I plan on sharing a bottle of 12 year old JW scotch that I was given on my 21st birthday with friends & family(yes its now a bottle of 41 year old JW) & celebrate the last half century, reminisce & make a few more plans for the next half a century


    I am 6'2 & currently 115kg dry weight.
    Ideally I see being 90kg my target weight so that's losing 25kg in 12 months.

    Will start a new thread when I get underway in early February. & I look forward to your support & comments along the way

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    50 is a bit of a milestone 'Aus'.

    What I did was throw myself into a similar training routine that I was doing at 30... As I was still boxing at the time. At 50, I found my speed and hunger had a bearing on how things went down in the ring.

    However. Being a little older and wiser, just worked smarter around the quadrangle to almost comparable results... Almost, being the appropriate word here.

    You have to understand you, your body and mindset are 50 and not 30. But there is no reason to not aspire for physical achievements or accomplishments of that younger age... The path there for sure will be different.

    Into it 'Aus'! I'm in your corner all the way mate. Like I am with those blokes in the other thread.... (Even 'Nanna Tits' on the 'Bitch Shakes.:lol
    "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


    • mitch
      mitch commented
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      Id love to see your diet plans and recipes.

      Im only young still but im noticing that i need to take better care of myself now, yet struggle eating well cause it all tastes bland and boring. I know it is only cause i eat crap but yea.

      Honestly id love to hear the progression, and am quietly hoping to use some of it for my own progression back to being a bit fitter and healthier

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    Nanna tits haha that bloody cracked me up!
    I started thinking the same last year so about the same time along the lifeline as you, I'll be 50 in August and hoping to get to dressed weight by then, I am also 6'2" and was a tad over 100kg when I started I'm still 92-93kg but I look totally different lost 3/4 of my beer gut and feel heaps fitter. I just swim due to old injuries dodgy back dikie ankle etc so swimmings the go. At the start i needed a rest every 50 metres and slowly worked up to 600m. Yesterday I managed 2,000m so that was a milestone and put me to 9k swimming for the month. My diet is pretty much the same just less salt but the major change physically came from going to low carb beer, and you can believe the hype it actually works that's if you can handle drinking "poofter beer" like pure blonde. ;0)


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      Thanks for the positive vibe guys.

      Im building my plan atm.

      I havent done it this way before & in the past would tend to freestyle it but I would like it to be a bit more structured this timè with a food exercise plan written out to follow.

      Im finishing up work at the end of next week so I will then have time to get my plans/program formulated.