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    Been exercising a lot more lately since that Kapooka thread I posted awhile back, been to the gym once a week since the thread and the few days I didn't go I went for a swim did some work with the punching bag and some dumbells at home,considering being a 6'0 68kg piss weak lanky teenager when at the gym I've been doing sets of 12 x 35kg chest press then a 3Km bike ride and repeat that about 5 times with 2-3 minute gaps inbetween then do some treadmill and finish off with the rowing machine and i've been noticing alot of improvement in general every day life lifting things and basketball etc having alot more stamina, Doing a 84km/9 day Hike this April on the Southwest track in Tasmania so that should also help alot and hunting and long walks on the farm this year will also help alot. Once I feel i'm in well enough shape i'll then submit the form and goto the YOU session sometime this year with ADG, Combat engineer and Infantry as my 3 preferances(no particular order), All in good time and i'm open to suggestions from any of you also.
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