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  • Sneak Peeks - Upcoming Reviews

    Rather than start a new post for every new sneak peek that comes along, I've decided to have them in a single thread here in my hunting lodge.

    The latest sneak peek is from our friends at High Range Outdoors:
    Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.

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    Cant find a weight on that one 22F... Any idea ?


    • 22F
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      Editing a comment
      I was planning on weighing the pack that I have for review this evening mate.

      But work has scotched that idea by giving me an overtime shift (which btw since I'm on salary I'm not holding my breath how they sort it out to recompense my time).

      I'll hopefully have an answer for you tomorrow night.

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    Well, 2020 really is getting fun.

    As of Monday, I am now unemployed.
    A dream role that I’ve spent the last seven years patiently waiting, networking, scheming and applying for has folded due to the impact of this Wuhan Viral pandemic.

    I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am at the moment.

    So I’m just driving down the coast back home to family and loved ones in Brisbane as we speak.

    The iPod is playing, and I’m going to be singing.

    On a positive note, I’ll have a few reviews done in the next few weeks.
    Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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      Bloody shit news mate, keep your chin up hopefully things will be back on track soon.
      i look forward to the reviews.


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        Take it easy mate. Relax and grab some of this cash the government is handing out. You can always stir up some shit on this site just for recreation purposes


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          That sucks mate,sorry to hear.Stay positive.
          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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            That is pretty sad news, its rough out there for many many people and businesses.

            My wife is a Pharmacist doing Part-time, she and another have lost hours at an on-site dispensary for specialised meds, my wife was a 'rope in' so she
            had hours displaced from her normal role.

            The other Girl was pretty much full time there, but has lost 30 hours a week going back to the normal Pharmacy, my wife has picked up 2x hours extra a fortnight.
            The new roster starts in 1 week, and clients will pick up packs from the normal Pharmacy instead of the on-site.

            The Boss forgot or misunderstood the changes due to Corona, the other Girl and my Wife are the only two authorised to dispense these meds packs (long story)
            my wife called and advised the Boss that his roster would not work considering A and B teams to limit risk of WooChoo Virus exposure on key staff,
            also my wife is one of 'two' that can administer Flu jabs
            Her hours are pretty much not going to change as long as she is not exposed and the shop still trading.

            The first girl, she will pick up a few more hours now but will still be 40 hours a week short.

            I know of 6 others that are cut from normal work, even my nephew lawyer is about to find out if he is cut, in Adelaide but renting a flat in Perth for 12 months,
            as he flew into Adelaide on the last flight, working from home.

            I know you are a sensible bloke, and can get organised, hit the Govt up for the lost work hours and settle in, look to the long game mate.

            At the end of this we may see some Govt decree that employers must re-employ those before the Pandemic, as business income returns.
            The future is unknown.
            The TRUTH is out there,
            the Aliens think its a great joke on us.
            We still believe in Santa, but eat the Easter Bunny

            And the Easter Bunny tastes SO GOOD !!
            That's why he is made of Chocolate.


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              That's no good 22F I'm sorry to hear. I'm sure once things settle down you'll be able to go back hopefully.
              In the mean time I know a guy west of tawoomba building and fitting out free range chook sheds I can ask him if there is work for you. I don't know if construction is in your field of work. But it's pretty easy work mostly just labouring
              Go hard or Go home.


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                You’ve been on the ropes a bit over the last two or so years mate. Cover up, use them for a bit of support doing the ol’ ‘roper-dope’ thing... And come out swinging.

                There is only one way and that is... FORWARD!
                "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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                  Keep your chin UP mate, there are better days ahead & we will sooner or later return to normality.
                  In the meantime dont let things get the better of you keep your mind active/busy particularly on the on the home front.
                  Also keep on singing!!
                  Faster Horses
                  Younger Women
                  Older Whiskey
                  More Money

                  SSAA N52


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                    No good, good luck when it comes back to normal, whatever the new normal is.


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                      Thank you so much for the kind words everyone.
                      It’s greatly appreciated, especially since yesterday was a bit of a low morale day.

                      Thankfully, I have my girls over for the week. So life is good chasing the little ones around the backyard.

                      As well as the oncoming reviews, I’m planning a bit of a multi-day walk around my local area using all the evasion techniques I learnt from the service - both to keep my mind and body working AND avoid any fines from the constabulary for breaking lock-down
                      At most, a couple of dogs will know I’m wandering around

                      Be good to do some scouting for deer too.

                      Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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                        Best time of your life running around with your kids mate, one of the things you miss most when they grow up. Things will get back to normal soon enough and we will all be whinging about no time off.


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                          We’ve spoken of our friends at AttackPAK previously.
                          We met them a couple of years ago at SHOT Show, and they’ve done us a huge favour by sending a Defender Sustainment pack for evaluation and review.

                          At first, it looks like any other hip loading pack.
                          But closer examination reveals the hip belt is easily removable. The pack frame has a carbon fiber tail that ticks into a pocket on the hip belt.

                          The benefits of this should be obvious to anyone who has ever had to carry a working load separate to the pack - such as that experienced by many infanteers who have received such wonderful orders as “DROP PACK!”.

                          I’m really looking forward to giving this technology a run. It’s arrived just in time for commencement of the years training activities.

                          Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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                            We’re continuing the evaluation of the Defender pack from our friends Attack PAK.

                            Last month’s initial weight was 8 kilograms (17.6lbs) and its been bumped up to 15 kilograms (33lbs).

                            Comfort is still good.
                            Pouches are from SORD.

                            Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.