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  • Clarification please mods

    I'm another that has come across from the old forum and this bit of the message for those coming across concerns me

    "You are free to disagree with the opinion of any member but not staff."

    Does this mean any post by a mod can not be questioned?

    Maybe I am missing something but to me it reads that is a mod posts that the HMR is the perfect buff rifle then it is fact and can not be questioned.

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    it means mod decisions in regards to the forum , not shooting related stuff.


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      I would say the correct term isn't "opinion" but rather "decision".

      Moderation is essentally umpiring. You mightn't like or agree with a decision made against you, but you should nonetheless accept it and play ball... er, carry on.

      You are certainly welcome to PM a member of staff for further explanation and if necessary plead your case. You'd be surprised how amenable the staff are to people who apologise and promise not to do it again

      I certainly would not however recommend having an open-air rant about it and attempt to draw favour to moderate via public consensus. That won't work in your favour.

      Cheers, Ben.


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        Editing a comment

        Makes things a bit clearer.
        Can understand wanting to take any disagreement on a decision mods make behind closed doors so to speak but was a bit worried about the way I was reading it also applying to general posts made by the mods.