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    Hi everyone, I'm one of probably a whole bunch of members coming over to this site.

    I'm reasonably new to shooting, and still learning. I have a Savage FV-SR in a Boyd's rimfire hunter stock in pepper laminate.

    I'm also interested in martial arts, gaming and 4wding.

    It's sad to see the old site go down, but looking forward to spending some time here.

    Mini Hulk (Steve).

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I'm from east suburbs of Melb.
    Pro Tip: Taking the gun off safe increases the velocity by 100%...

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    Welcome Steve. Yes it is sad that the old site no longer exists but life goes on mate.


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      Welcome Steve

      What sort of martial arts are you interested in?
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      • Mini Hulk
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        I train in bjj & a mma style that also incorporates some traditional parts from its original karate roots.

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      Hi there welcome


      • Mini Hulk
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        Thanks for the welcomes.