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    In for a pound. Well I too have made the transition across like many others. Never really introduced myself in the other forum, whether laziness or perhaps felt there was no real point on such an established forum with a larger membership but here goes.

    Real name Robert but the nickname comes from others. 55 (soon) with 4 children, 32,28,12 & 3 and a 6 yr old Grandaughter. Wife number two is Chinese so I no longer have to go out for Chinese food, but it is authentic not the western Chinese food you get at takeaways.

    Two jobs in my past 17 yrs at one place and 22 yrs at the other but in many different departments and experience in both of them. I'm also a qualified A grade mechanic by trade. Now in the security industry which prompted me to get around to getting a firearm license(s). 8 years as a "cut lunch commando" also.
    New to the pistol competition bit, I "sort of" own a Margolin pistol which I posted about in the old place and won't force you to read about again I like it so that's what matters in the end I guess. I'm originally from QLD but lived 13 yrs in Tasmania (yes during that time we are over hearing about) and the last 9 yrs in Yulara and Alice Springs so I consider myself a Taslandatorian, a combination of all 3 States. . Interest's include working with wood (hobby), Dr Who, computers and of course shooting and firearms.

    Congrats to the new owners of this forum and all the staff, I know from having run a number of forums in the past that what looks semi easy and with the best intentions in the beginning is not easy, you will put a LOT of effort in as well as money from your own pocket and still cop moaning regardless of whatever you do, doesn't matter of course because it's a fun thing to do and gives you a sense of pride in a forum well run and appreciated by the many. If I may be bold and offer you some unsolicited advice, Do not rely on any "backup" program the forum software may offer you, nor rely on the hosting company and/or their backups no matter what either may claim. A database on a server can and will cause problems and usually the "backups from either of the aforementioned methods will 50% be of no use or will not restore, best thing is to find a good coder within the specific forum developers and get the best advice from them on specific good quality backing up and restoring. I know from experience that a mate or a member who dabbles (or may even work) in computers is only about 30% useful. Also I used to get a lot of "freedom of speech" quotes thrown about (especially by the yanks) and explained it thus: I am a smoker, it is my right and freedom to do so, however I do not have the right to walk in and expect to smoke in your house if you are a non smoker, but possibly I could smoke outside if I visited you, the forum is that same regarding free speech, it's my house and limited free speech rules apply. 99% of the time they understood the point, Also you will never make enough money to cover your expenses, although you never set out to make money anyway when you start a forum up, And lastly if a "valued' member chooses to leave then let them go, say thank you and goodbye because another will either step up to replace them of another just as good will join over time, a begged to stay member (by forum owners or staff) will become an ego problem later, trust me I know.The biggest dis-service you can do to a forum is try to please everyone, because you will please no one that way. Anyway you probably knew and realized all this anyway.
    Well that's about it for my hello, It should be obvious I like to type long messages I should also mention that I am conservative in some views but "out there" in others. This new crew (to me) appears to be less intimidating and I for one look forward to continuing to be a member.

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    Welcome aboard, big post is better then no post =)


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      Hi Uncle and thanks for the good advice.

      I never trust backups. When my client's databases die and I tell them to restore from backup, it's an even money bet.

      Our invoices carry a footnote in Arial 24, red : "Backup your data every day. Validate your backups once a week. Data loss hurts, seriously."

      Mission critical software and many never backup at all.