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    The idea of having a well moderated, positive shooting site for keen shooters is a fantastic and very much needed in Aus.

    I am all for discussion, debate, disagreeing etc. as long as it has a relevant point and doesn’t turn into personal attacks/insults. I have listed a few ideas for forum etiquette (have mentioned these on the other site some time ago) that I think could be useful as a general guide (feel free to edit how you see fit).

    1. Rule number 1 for anyone posting anything is never ever -no matter how much you want to or think the other person deserves it- make a personally offensive statement/attack/name call etc. No matter what they call you there is no value add / benefit in abusing someone online. Grit your teeth and take it like a man and move on. The one making the initial attack will look like a moron to others, by not engaging you will make them look worse. A lot of trolls around and some people write stuff they probably shouldn’t after a couple of drinks. Please just ignore.

    2. Don’t need the last word. If you make a point, someone disagrees, you rebut, then they do etc. often leads to personal attacks rather than positive or critical discussion. Make your point and be done with it.

    3. Don’t bring old grievances to new threads. You have a dispute leave it on the other thread and get on with it.

    4. It is okay to argue fact, but only with evidence. If you can’t back up what you say (with evidence) assume it is opinion and leave it at that.

    5. Don’t always be negative. Anyone can read into lots of posts and pick faults in what is said (quite often only because they haven’t completely explained all the variables) unless its completely wrong leave it alone.

    6. A bit of a side note if someone is new, politely give them instruction, no point making them look stupid.

    7. Opinion. Everyone has a different one. No point in forcing yours, trying to change someone else’s opinion and making them look 'wrong'. If we didn’t have differing opinions the world would be a very boring place: everyone would do the same hobbies, same brands, same colours etc.

    8. Shooting. We are all passionate about shooting. (If you are not go to another forum!) Essentially we are all on the same side. We don’t have to agree with each other, get along or even like each other. But please remember we will ultimately do more good for our sport by uniting as much as possible.

    Discussions, disagreements etc. online is no doubt what it’s all about. Debate degenerating into pointless arguing and name calling is not only an absolute waste of time but can bring down otherwise decent members, the content of the debate and forums in general.

    The big difference and difficulty we all have with internet type discussions/debates is humans have evolved to discuss/debate face to face. The major issues that we all need to be aware of with keyboard interactions are:

    First of all it is very difficult to read tone, even with ‘emotives’ you can get the intended tone wrong.
    A considerable amount of human communication is through facial expressions/body language and a high percentage is through tone. IE The same sentence have altering means depending on the tone or emphasis placed on certain words. (**See below with examples of intonation)

    Most people online are anonymous and can hide behind this to say things they would never normally.

    ** Intonation Examples - Same sentence different meaning depending what is emphasised.

    I don't think he should get the job.
    Meaning: Somebody else thinks he should get the job.

    I don't think he should get the job.
    Meaning: It's not true that I think he should get the job.

    I don't think he should get that job.
    Meaning: That's not really what I mean. OR I'm not sure he'll get that job.

    I don't think he should get that job.
    Meaning: Somebody else should get that job.

    I don't think he should get that job.
    Meaning: In my opinion it's wrong that he's going to get that job.

    I don't think he should get that job.
    Meaning: He should have to earn (be worthy of, work hard for) that job.
    (be worthy of, work hard for) that job.

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    Mmmm, food for thought.



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      where's the group hug?
      you forgot the group hug.

      good points though.


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        Well put, +1 ... Wait wheres the +1 !?!? Omg this place is dead to me hahah