G'day all from another migrant from the other one!

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  • G'day all from another migrant from the other one!

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd say G'day!
    I'm Benno, I'm a farm boy from northwest Vic.
    Migrated over here from the other forum, which I really loved but am watching it unfortunately slowly cark it.
    I've been shooting for as long as I can remember, love it, love learning, love helping out whenever I can!
    Always been a vermin shooter, now dappling in pretty much everything rifle related, haven't gotten around to pistols yet! Can't see myself stopping shooting or stopping learning anytime soon! The missus is a shooter too, but hates my perfectionism and never ending accuracy search, but at least she's on board!
    I can see a few familiar names here already, so I'm looking forward to the new forum once I get used to the layout!

    That's me in a nut shell!
    Cheers! Benno

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    Welcome buddy
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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      Welcome mate
      Faster Horses
      Younger Women
      Older Whiskey
      More Money

      SSAA N52


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        Cheers fellas!


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          G'day and welcome Benno