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    Hi, new to this forum. I like guns and stuff.
    Which is better.. .308 or 30-06?
    Also which gun should I get? Howa or Tikka or Savage? Want to shoot from 100-800 yards.
    Which scope would shoot best?
    Hope to get to know some of you in time.

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    Welcome, don't know what to make of your heading or the rest of your post hope it's all tongue in cheek.However you will be watched.
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Ivabiggen commented
      Editing a comment
      Don't get your knickers in a twist so quick mate! I'm a former member.
      Just thought I'd make some light hearted banter and bring some of the old forum across to the new :P
      My post reflected the typical posts I was getting used to seeing over there and figured it'd make me feel more comfortable if everything wasn't so foreign. Kinda like a kid hanging on to a blankie or teddy!!

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    That's trouble with changing your name ivabiggen, no one knows to link your shit stirring humour with the name.
    Not suitable for mature audiences