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    Hi All, Just signed up. Been shooting for years, go pig shooting whenever i can get away. Go the the range, Belmont SSAA or the new one at Caboolture.
    I reload and like to test different loads. I have
    Stirling 22mag Redfield 2-7x33 had over 30 years shoots perfect
    Tikka 223 SS Lite Redfield 6-18x44 Just fitted a Boyds Thumbhole stock
    Tikka 243 SS Varmint Tasco 4-16x50 will be fitting a Boyds Thumbhole stock in the near future. Going to replace the Tasco with a new Nighteater 6-24x50.
    Mossberg Maverick 308 Nighteater 6-24x50 my scrub pig gun. Kicks like a mule great cheap gun
    Marlin X7VH 308 26" Heavy barrel Target Master 10-50x60 Boyds Thumbhole stock
    Stoger 12g U/O Red dot laser ( great for cats & bunny's at night)
    and waiting on the paper work Lee Enfield 1900 303.

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    G'day Magoo223 and welcome mate.




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      Welcome mate
      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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        Hi Magoo223


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          G'day mate, pretty nice quiver of bang sticks ya got there. I notice you have a sterling 22 magnum, I still tear up when I think of mine I sold after 20 + years of faultless service. A real gem they are.