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  • Well thats a relief

    G'Day all , Just another new member. Like a lot of others an ex shooting.com member. Over there I was 30t of coolness a name I chose in relation to a hobby I'd love to get into if I ever (though probably never) had the money, the restoration of a tank & both my favourites are around the 30t mark , one the best tank at the start of WW2 the A12 Matilda 2 , the other the best tank of WW2 the T-34.
    So I hope I haven't broken any rules but I thought this time I'd choose a name more n tune with how I enjoy my hunting , With a good old 2a Landie & a 41 Lithgow .303.

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    All good, and welcome back


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      G'day 2aanda303 and welcome mate.




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        Welcome mate
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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          Welcome to the forum.
          Love your country, love your family, love your sport.