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  • Grateful greetings

    Like everyone else, I was sad when the other board closed. As a shooting/hunting ignoramus, I learned so much from its contributors. It was always satisfying to google for the answer to my problem du jour and find that the best answers came from our very own Australian forum. So I'm very grateful to all those who have set up and are moderating this new board.
    At the risk of breaching the no religion rule, I'm a Uniting Church minister and have several shooters in my congregations. I have a Norinco JW15 .22LR (much under-rated rifle), a Browning BL22 .22LR lever, a Winchester 9422 .22WMR and a couple of yer actual JM Marlin 30-30 levers. QLD WLB have just sent a PTA for a JM 1895 45-70 Guide Gun, I hope to pick that up when I have a spare moment next week. So reloading is the next thing which I have to learn.

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    good on ya mate and God one minds what team you go for...and yeah i am a christian too....i live my life with those values.....there are some terrific homosexuals, straight blokes, atheists....and 95% who i dont know or care who they go for...god, sako, remington, ford, holden, jesus...meh........ i think we all just see normal aussies and the odd american (bless em) and they are all good people that love shooting.... how grouse is that BTW thank you for your commitment to your community with your service...if you are in melb i'd happy show you how to hand load


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      Originally posted by BJ343" post=13197
      ...god, sako, remington, ford, holden, jesus...meh.......
      At least C*llingwood wasn't there . . . .

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    Welcome aboard, CTH!
    Member of the Aunty Jack Firearm Appreciation Society - "Now be a good little Aussie and learn how to shoot or I'll rip your bloody arms off......and I will too!"

    "Have you tried unloading it then reloading it?" - Roy Trenneman on fixing firearm problems


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      Hi ya canetoadhunter.

      Welcome mate.




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        Welcome mate.
        Love your country, love your family, love your sport.


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          Welcome mate
          “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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            Welcome m8


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              My oldest son was doing Pistol shooting for a while. He had Norinco '1911' in .45 cal. He got the stick on the range about that Chinese junk.-- Really the bore on that pistol was like a mirror and it would group as good as any other pistol. I had a win wmrf the 9422. a beautiful rifle very accurate and like a dill I sold it.
              Welcome aboard your ministership. I suggest you get hold of a couple of reloading manuals. I rec. the latest by Nick Harvey which is a must as it deals with the Australian scene. and I rec also the Nosler manual as it is so very well written and give them both a good read before you buy any other gear.
              "As above so below"-an ancient text meaning as you think it shall be.
              "To be really happy and really safe one ought to have two or three hobbies and they should all be real".--Churchill.
              "Even when the world is at peace a gentleman still keeps a blade by his side"-- Sun Tzu....


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                Hi and welcome. Can't wait to get my hands on a marlin .3030. I just love shooting my mates one.

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              Mate Welcome!
              And it's fantastic to have you 'coming out' as a shooter
              I have a senior role in Community Services and take every opportunity to broadcast my interests
              My colleagues (who respect me greatly ) are gob-smacked and intrigued that my life includes anything connected with firearms
              My female co-workers are the ones most impressed by Pistol Porn- They all want to have a go!