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  • Hi From SLAP

    Just found this when I was looking for some 34mm rings on Google - lucky for me! I was missing the forums from the old site.

    I'm especially interested in all things to do with 6.5x47, 22-250 and 12ga

    But I also like to hear / read about all the other calibers etc. I do have a soft spot for the engineering and science on all aspects of firearms so the more detail (where most people go to sleep) the better.

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    Welcome mate
    Love your country, love your family, love your sport.


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      Welcome aboard, SLAP!
      Member of the Aunty Jack Firearm Appreciation Society - "Now be a good little Aussie and learn how to shoot or I'll rip your bloody arms off......and I will too!"

      "Have you tried unloading it then reloading it?" - Roy Trenneman on fixing firearm problems


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        another convert, welcome friend