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  • Another drifter from that other forum! - Rob from VIC

    Hey guys,

    Names Rob, I was over on under the same username - didn't post a heap but was always reading.
    Hopefully this new forum has less morons and the same good information that was found over there!

    I'm 26, chippy from VIC. Only do target shooting casually with a mate. Been doing it about a year, had my rifle about 6 months, I'm no good but it's good fun!

    Picked up a Savage MkII BSEV in .22LR. Just fitted it with a new scope yesterday - a Weaver Super Slam 3-15x50 side focus. Had a Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40 CDS on it which I'll now be selling - only ditched it because it wasn't AO and couldn't focus the reticle at 50m which is the only distance I shoot at!

    Couple of pics:

    with the old scope, just shooting prone

    Cya around!
    - Savage MkII BSEV .22LR, Weaver 3-15x50
    - Howa 1500 .223, Bell & Carlson Stock, Tasco 10-40x50
    - Ruger Precision Rifle 6.5 Creedmor, Upgrade Package, Vixen 6-18x44

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    Welcome Rob,good to have you on board.
    Faster Horses
    Younger Women
    Older Whiskey
    More Money

    SSAA N52


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      Welcome Rob, nice rifle mate.
      Love your country, love your family, love your sport.