No cooking subforum. the $60 charcoal mini spit review

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  • No cooking subforum. the $60 charcoal mini spit review

    On sale last week for $60 was a 240v little charcoal rotisserie at masters (now $80)

    they are a nice size and not to cheaply made although some thicker steel would be nice

    pretty simply to put together and get grilling the motor claims 15kg of rotating meaty goodness although id probably limit myself to 8kg or so which is still for a small gathering a few decent hunks of meat. the attraction of a 240v version was mainly for home where I can run a lead to it and not worry about batteries and remembering to change them etc etc

    Here it is

    chicken starting

    The chicken was stuffed with breadcrumbs, lemon, herbs and smashed garlic

    the outside was rubbed with olive oil and a mixture of freshly ground black pepper, smoked papprika to give it color and a bit of spice and a healthy dose of Murray river pink salt and a smattering of chicken salt.

    the other beauty with this, is that its small enough to take camping and a damn bit cheaper than an aus spit. the motor draws 4w's according to its data plate im a bit dubious but it will run of an inverter or if you have a 200 series cruiser or 150 prado off the power point in the back nya:

    Im headed away next weekend and the spit is coming too and cooking for 6 so I will post a follow up on how she performs