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    I just want to welcome you all to Shooting Australia and I hope your time here will be a good one. There are however some quick rule's i would like to recap. The idea is to keep this place a family friendly environment, for all to enjoy ( One big shooting family ). This is not a place where you can let loose, Those that do will find them self's taking a forced Holiday.

    Now i can swear as good as the best of them, but I am going to lead by example and bite my tongue. As a family friendly forum we will be censoring profanity, however the censor is not an excuse to still swear. Posts that contain any instance of profanity will be edited or removed. This includes abbreviated curse words and profane acronyms and or abbreviations.

    Posting of Provocative/Offensive Material:
    Provocative and/or offensive material of a sexual, violent, or otherwise inappropriate nature is strictly forbidden. Please consider the types of content that should be posted to a family friendly forum, and always ensure your content is both "Safe For Work" and suitable for family and children. ( The old site this was a bit of a heated topic ) I believe we can stand taller than that. I don't need to go into detail. You know what I mean.

    As a family-friendly shooting community. We do not allow any form of discrimination; this includes -- but is not limited to -- age, race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and disability.

    Well that's just a quick rundown for now. I will add too this later. Just in case you haven't done so already please see below, and enjoy your stay here.

    Forum rule's and reg's:

    User agreement:

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    We dont see any Aussie having a problem with "shit". It's one word we cane to death here in Oz.

    Frankly not many nations would have a problem with it either, but a few would view it as a bit rough and generally it's not used in mainstream publications.

    If "shit" and a few other mild ones are used here and there as superlatives then no one will have a problem. If these expletives are used too often it simply erodes the perceived quality of your/our content and means a mod will have to go over your post and edit it into an acceptable form. We do not want to play the role of a year 8 English teacher that's for sure.

    We want to show the rest of the world how it's done, so we will do it they way they want to see it. It's not anything to do with political correctness, it's just good presentation.