Finally, It's been a busy 6 months

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  • Finally, It's been a busy 6 months

    It took a while but after 6 months I finally managed to go for a shot. Took a while but I worked out the skinny end points away from you. The mag on the Howa is still not my best friend but we get along. The 221 Fireball & I are still in LOVE but I really must use the 22 -250 as I have a heap of Trail Boss to use up and it has a new SS barrel & a floor plate mag. I was as slow as a wet week, lots of new reflections to catch the eye as well. We have added some hundreds of metres of shelter belts & fencers since last I was down that way as it was too wet most of last winter. 14 wallaby's & 2 deer is not a bad start, for a quick trip to blow the cobwebs out.
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    Nice, do the deer go down OK with the Fireball?

    Floorplate Howas are nicer than the early mini-actioned Howas if that's what it is.
    They have done improvements, but don't know what or how much.


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      Now now, a 243 is the legal min in Tas. for deer. So of cause I used the 270 we have. So from 80m they dropped on the spot with a head shot. I'm SURE the Fireball would do the same. Yes it's a mini-action Howa. 223 heavy barrel rechambered to 221. Using AR2205 13.7gr with Hornady SP 55gr Very very accurate even with me using it. Moon has started a new cycle so only a couple of dark nights early for a while.
      How to make a small fortune out of farming?
      Start with a large one!


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        Right, same as Vic by the sound of things, I only know they are still sort of managed and have some great genetics.

        Yeah, headshots are a bit different and my .223 would do Fallow but it's not really an option for forest hunting despite the Facebook hunters doing it no other way LOL.

        I do remember reading about the Fireball project and thought it may have been a mini action but it was a while ago and forgot the details.
        I bought the Tikka mountain rifle after helping a mate set up his mini.
        It shot like a Howa but if the mag fell out in the bush, I would not be pleased, to say the least.
        The Tikka has to be sort of double clicked right in but better than the opposite.

        Long time between shoots and hope it was just being busy that stopped you.


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          Yes seem to be busy all summer. Was too wet to drive around early & only dried up in time for silage. Been making cattle yard panels of late. Way behind in the firewood department as well. Weaning & selling calves at the moment. I will be feeding out solo some of the time this winter as wife is not mobile outside at the moment

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        Originally posted by magoo View Post
        The Tikka has to be sort of double clicked right in but better than the opposite.
        Yea ! My LSA 55 is similar just a sod to make sure its latched BUT.
        As anyone old enough to have started shooting with various SMLE`s Knows its just par for the course.
        Insert magazine and a good slap up from underneath is a habit.

        So its not that hard .
        Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

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          I've got a Howa mini in an MDT chassis and it's a mongreal locking in that mag. But it ain't ever dropping out on its own. It still uses the original mags, but the release catch is well protected and firm to operate. Much better than the standard item on the factory stock.