Projectile making

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  • Projectile making

    Sorry I asked .
    Last edited by JuanB; 03-01-2021, 05:21 PM.

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    Look mate... You are not kicking off very well.

    First time in was a whine about the boards image and now this? Obviously you've been to the Optometrist and now have no problem reading our pages. As an LFAO (if you are), may I suggest you get abreast of the rules and regulations that apply to you in your particular State by first looking at their website... I'd hate to see you given a bum steer here.


    "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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      For your information I am using a magnifier . Is that ok with forum rules ? For your information there is nothing in the firearms act or on this forum that answers this question.
      I just thought someone may have experience in this area .


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        There probably is someone who knows a bit but things change from State to State... The website you should be looking at has been mentioned.

        For your information, I did a quick little digging for you and found there are provisions and restrictions outlined in 2 State regulations and guidelines.

        A magnifier... Glasses? Why not adjust your script size using the tool bar above box where you are posting.

        Forum rules. Yes, there are some guidelines and we roll a little on the leniency side of the coin, but are big on basic courtesies and a friendly mood.

        You were told last time not to drag your feet if you were going spit the dummy, throw your rattle out of the pram and not stick around. You were given another shot and if you had done as requested, offering a little more relevant information... Maybe your question could have been more easily answered.


        P.S. The dog's turning his lip up now and making that low rumbling sound.

        "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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          can you do me a favour?
          Start another thread in the 'new users' section near the top of this forum, introducing yourself and telling us a little about yourself, and the type of shooting you do etc.

          once you've done that,...head down to the reloading section within the forum and tell us some particulars about the types of projectiles your wanting, the types of firearms they are being used in, and more importantly,....the particular purpose the projectiles will be used for.
          it is a very complex subject which has a thousand outcomes.

          but not until you've introduced yourself.