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  • *** Posting Topics in the correct forum sub section***

    Good evening all

    A reminder to please put new topics in their correct area.

    when you create a new topic you will see there is a drop down menu that allows you to select the correct section.

    please do this as it is annoying to have to do this for people as frequently as we currently do.

    another method is to go to the correct section via the forum index and create it from there as shown in the below image

    Click image for larger version

Name:	forumnew.jpg
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ID:	53418

    thank you for your time and future compliance


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    Bump because people still are not getting it.


    • El-Skippo
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      Attention Member's.

      This is becoming a problem that is getting worse.

      Before you post up a topic .... Please have a think prior to posting the topic if you are posting the thread in the correct section. If you do not know what section to post it in, pls feel free to Pm a mod that's on duty at the time.

      This will avoid your thread being deleted or account suspention, the later for repeat offender's.

      Help us ......So we can help you

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    This is vast becoming a issue that seems to be getting worse.

    Members, are reminded too check and recheck. Making sure your topic! Is in the correct section, prior to posting.

    To avoid your thread being deleted.


    • El-Skippo
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      Becouse its still not sinking in.

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    Noticed it is a continuing issue. Welcome Mat is not a handy catch-all for any topic, just because it is the first up...


    • S12A
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      Bump.... starting to creep back in. please select the correct section.