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  • "Fiddling" with your knives!

    As illegal as that may have sounded how many people can i draw out of the closet that like to muck around just reshaping a blade they have picked up, giving it a different edge profile,?

    Maybe practicing for the day when you would like to build yourself a knife from scratch.

    Have to admit I have only been tempted a couple of times myself and done a few knives and a few hatchets into tomahawk style, but I lack the equipment and tool shed and so can only do it when I organise time at a brother in laws etc.

    Eventually I would like to resurrect a couple of the now defunct Jensen knife Range, I think they were pretty cool if you search Google for them you should find them pretty easy other wise I can see what I can rustle up.

    Click image for larger version

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    Cool looking blades. Good luck with your venture.
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      When are you going to sell me one of those metal handled tomahawks, so I can use it as a throwing axe at my archery club?


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        Mate you don't need much to make a knife other than a hacksaw, files and sandpaper and a whole lot of patience. I happen to also have a vice. I copied a device called the bubble jig (google it) and made one out of two bits of angle iron a magnet and a spirit bubble all of which I got from bunnings for under $15. I then set the jig at 4 deg, sat it on my file and proceeded to make many many strokes along the length of the blank (1075 carbon steel) until the primary bevel was close. Then I wrapped various grits around the file to use it as a backer and began draw filing along the length of the blade until I got down to 240 grit. I then posted it off to Tharwa valley forge near the ACT. He heat treated it for me. Then I re-sanded it down to 1200 grit and polished it. Re-set the bubble jig to 20 deg and filed the cutting edge before moving onto stones and finally stropping. Then I made handle scales out of red gum I cut with a hand saw and flattened out rubbing on sheets of sand paper. Used brass from discarded tap stems for pins. Araldited the scales on, peened the ends of the pins over with a hammer then profiled with coarse sand paper using a file as a backer. once the scales were as smooth as I could get them, I sealed them up with tung oil. This was about 2 months worth of work doing a bit each day. I have since bought a linisher which makes all manner of knife related projects faster, but its not necessary.
        The only factory knife I've ever modified was a spyderco temperance and that's because it came with a grind more suited to an axe than a knife. I didn't plan on splitting wood with it so I changed it to 20 deg so it'd be a better cutter.


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          ive made many knives as a teenager but i made a nice knife for the Mrs out of 440C and had it hardened to 57 HRC.

          also like throwing tomahawks and i find the best ones are the el-cheapo $10 ones from bunnings.
          a couple of pics of my latest one i modified

          savage MKII FSS .22 boyds laminate stock leupold VX1 3-9X40
          howa 1500 .243 varmint bedded in boyds thumbhole stock leupold VX3 4.5-14X40 DNZmount
          howa 1500 .223 varmint in the "franken stock" shortened barrel (19") pecar 8X56 DNZmount
          gammo shadow 1000 .177
          akkar churchill 30" O/U 12G extractors


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            Hey Bayonet. Your efforts are great too and great photos. I like the ugly hand!

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          A very worth while interest/hobby to have. i like what you have done there.
          My avatar is a knife i made (I am ex welder) I used RWL34 stainless steel 50mm x 6mm and about 300mm o/a. the handle is leather washers and with its sheath comes in at 1.3 kilos. !
          " I Claudius Maxim.........
          sorry i got a bit carried away..
          Great photos and I like the shemagh as a backdrop,
          Your axes are they for throwing or just looking super cool?
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          "Even when the world is at peace a gentleman still keeps a blade by his side"-- Sun Tzu....


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            Originally posted by Sporting Firearms" post=39137
            As illegal as that may have sounded how many people can i draw out of the closet that like to muck around just reshaping a blade they have picked up, giving it a different edge profile,?
            I have no blades that haven't been abused and modified.