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  • Falkniven knives

    These look a good knife but why the price anyone know?
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      Well thats a new level to go to doing X-rays of your knife collection!
      Good little video and great little collection there too. Thanks for sharing

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    They are very good quality knives.

    I picked up an A1 recently

    Even more recently a F1.

    For the best prices try overseas and have one shipped here.
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      had a post on the old forum about my S1. the quality of the steel (VG-10) is astounding.

      the coating on the blade (mine is black) wont last long but that is neither here nor there to me, the handle material gives excellent grip even when your hands are wet.
      when i took my fiance camping last easter we came across a line strung across a track at a height to catch dirt bike riders. it wasnt till after i cut it down from the trees that i found it had stainless wire as its core. never even dulled the edge and i made maybe a dozen or so cuts through the stuff.

      after that i was sold on the steel even with the price tag
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        I have both the S1 survival knife and the TK3 folder. They are amazing quality. The S1 is meant to be one onf the best survival knives you can own.
        Razor sharp but can still chop wook. the folder is beautiful very solid and stable when locked open and the steel sharpens beautifully.