So I want a folder for camping

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  • So I want a folder for camping

    As the title states, I'm looking for a folding knife for all those small camp site tasks.

    I have a kabar for the heavy kind of tasks, and also a leather man wave for a multi tool. I wasn't decent size folding knife for everything in between, including some messy tasks as the leatherman is too hard to clean easily. Can anyone recommend a good folder that can actually be bought in Australia and a place to buy from that won't charge 4x the cost of it in the USA?

    Ireally like the look of the Buck Vantage Avid, but have heard they can suffer from quality control issues.

    As a alternative, I have also looked at the Kershaw Injection 3.0 and the Kershaw Skyline, which both get good reviews.

    I'm not really a fan of the spyderco knives, as the look of them doesn't really appeal to me.
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    G'day Hulk.

    Spyderco knives are primarily made for "rescue" work. They are light and easy to use with one hand (open/close/put away) for things like climbing and paddling where you only have one hand to use when things go pear shaped.

    That kershaw skyline looks ok but the other one has too many places to get crap stuck in (cleaning issues like a multi tool).

    Personally i'd buy a Buck fixed blade but not a folder.

    Look at benchmade, sog, gerber. I like the first two better but gerber do some serviceable and affordable folders; i believe they are made by fiskar as well, who supplied edged weapons to the napoleonic army so have some experience making blades.

    Can't recommend a place to buy because almost everything is over priced in Aust. compared to OS. Retailers claim it's our small market; not enough buying power to keep costs down.

    Good luck with the search.
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      Hi the three knives you have mentioned are controlled imports which means they are only available to the government so you would have to buy here in Aus and pay the grafted on tax.
      No benchmade folders are permitted for import as well as very few sog models however tip top shop has a couple of nice japan made sogs in stock that customs would seize if you tried to import them at a fair price the folders I take bush are no longer allowed for import so no point in recommending them, although you mentioned you didn't like the brand the spyderco delica is a good all round folder that is available locally hit Ron up at Urban Conquest for one if you can stomach owning one.


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        Originally posted by Burger" post=26976
        No benchmade folders are permitted for import as well as very few sog models however tip top shop has a couple of nice japan made sogs in stock that customs would seize if you tried to import them ...
        Oh no! You've put me into a panic! I haven't been able to find my Benchmade Folder for the last week. I just did a quick search online and can't find any for sale in Aust!!!

        Why is it so??? Do you know why you can't get them anymore??? And the SOGs are, like... twice the price i paid for my Benchmade in '97

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      Either the old favourite the Swiss army or for a cheap lock knife the Opinel. The Opinel would be (and is) my choice - around $15 from most hardware stores, french carbon steel, holds a fantastic edge, good solid lock up and if you leave it at a camp site will not be penniless for the next few months while you save for a new one.


      • sirus17
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        Opinel is a good choice, probably the only folder I would recommend for the tasks that you describe, there is heaps so take your pick, hit the local markets on the weekend as well for a good deal

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        I emailed urban conquest and cutting edge knives, both replied saying that knives with flippers are now illegal to import.

        So now I'm looking for something similar that can be imported into Australia...

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      Not sure if you like the wood look, but the Mac folder look's quite good... Aussie company as well.

      Here is the link:



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        The Moroka is a great folder.
        or you can have a look at the Kizlyar site. They have some good stuff as well and the SSAA site under 'shop' sells a great folder as well.
        Cheers lets know what you end up with.

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      Be careful if ordering anything from overseas. Had a few folders seized by Shitstain McGee because I didn't realise they were baby murdering gangland switchblades. Silly me should have got a Gerber fighting knife instead!

      I recommend CuttingEdgeKnives as an Australian based online retailer. Slow turnaround time but you can still get a gangland murder weapon if they've got one listed. Kershaw looks good.
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        That new "re-definition" of the folding knife laws by bl00dy customs has been an utter pain in the ar$e for me.
        I bought a Strider SnG folder just before the gate slammed shut. Hell, I've lusted after one for many years when I first saw one as a young dopey digger.

        I was working on the mines, single and no real bills to pay a few years ago. So I splurged out a car payment on a high-end folder, with a legit, no questions asked life time repair and service warranty.
        Except now I can't send the blade back to the USA for servicing, since it's very unlikely to be allowed back by Customs

        Bl00dy nanny-state government - THIS is why we can't have nice things.
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        • MrCarbine
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          What you are looking for is the Buck Ranger 112. It is the best looking best handling and one of the most solid folders on the market. The only disadvandage is that it is a little heavy but if you carry it on your belt it is not a problem.

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        I'm very lucky to have two benchmades, one i bought at platatac about a year ago and the second from aussie blade forums. Once you buy one you want another. Yes the they cost a heap of money but they are worth it.