Shooting in the swiss Alps

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  • Shooting in the swiss Alps

    Thought Id share this here with everyone as its great to see some long range shooting from Europe.

    This if from one our of Club directors from Alpine precision rifle club, who is working at the moment in switzerland.

    Here's an album of pics from a range shoot I went to at a Swiss Army base up in the mountains at a place called Wichlen.

    Range to target was 1km (953m - 1008m).[email protected]/sets/72157635002868645

    The rifle was a locally made unit in .50 BMG with a 17.5 inch barrel.

    A couple of times in the morning, we had to cease firing because the clouds wafted in and obscured the target. Our next visit to the range likely early next year sometime will be on the other side of the valley floor, with targets ranging from 300m out to 1.8km.

    One guy had set up an electronic target unit, but most of us were using falling popper, hanging plate, balloon etc type targets stuck up on the target area just visible in some of the pics on the left.

    some great pictures of the alps, rifles, also some videos to watch, enjoy.

    regards Ed

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    Wow.. You lucky bastard Lonewolf .

    Great pics


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      Originally posted by L1A1" post=185
      Wow.. You lucky bastard Lonewolf .

      Great pics

      Its not me mate if from one of our club directors who is in switzerland at the moment for work, though id share a european swiss range with an amazing back drop of the alps, id love to go and have a shoot there.

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    Great pictures, beautiful country.
    Not suitable for mature audiences


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      If i had a bucket list, shooting at that range would be close to the top, thanks for sharing Ed, it's beautiful!
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        Looks like a great time and a great place. I want to go visit there now, actually I always have
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          Great pics Ed, some great countryside to be shooting in, thanks for posting.


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            Very nice mate.. id love to stretch the legs on my 338lm there!! Scenery is epic.