My World Championship Adventure.

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  • My World Championship Adventure.

    Thought I might share a bit about the Australian Fclass teams trip to the FCWC (F/Class World Championships) and my experiences. I am not the best writer, so hope you enjoy, and if I leave gaps, just ask questions

    Firstly I want to thank all my team mates for their commitment over the past 2 years in preparing for this journey, and in particular our head wind coach Greg Warrian, Greg’s approach and attitude towards shooting at the top level has taught me more than 20years of shooting weekend club could.

    Spending a month travelling the USA with the shooting royalty of Australia, for this Beginner, was an honour, having only been involved with target shooting for around 18 months now, this was an opportunity I took with much gratitude.

    In August, Australia sent a team comprising of both F-Open and FTR shooters to Raton New Mexico to take part in what would be the Biggest FCWC to date, each team would consist of 8 shooters plus a number of subs and wind coaches. We competed in both the 8man team event and the FCWC individual matches.

    Australia did exceptionally well in my opinion in the FTR event considering it is unfortuantley nto widely supported in Australia, I think to date you could count on one hand the number of times it has appeared at prize meets. And of course the F-Open team, well, winning Gold says it all.

    The preparation period for the worlds was an interesting time for the FTR shooters involved, having only F-standard as a platform most of us were competing in F-Open so we were able to shoot the classes for projectiles we wished and be legally competing. Pushing the boundaries of load development of the .308, barrel design and configuration, it was all something I am very gracious to have been involved.

    Once loads were finalized locally, we had to do it all again on the ground over there, due to the fact we could not take powder and primers with us, plus the added effect of an elevation 7000ft also has some minor effects on loads.

    My rifle, a .308 Barnard, with Maddco barrels (Thanks for the Sponsorship Neviile) and a custom fitted stock made by a chap in VIC for me. Pushing out 200gr Berger hybrids @ 2800FPS Lead me to both a gold and silver in the 900yd aggregate with a final placing of 12th out of 190 odd of the world’s best shooters.

    Conditions at Raton are fleeting, hot one minute cold the next, calm to gale force, we even had mini tornadoes on the range at 3 separate occasions throughout the shoot, rain, heavy thunder storms in the afternoon, well, all I can say is, we shot in whatever Huey could throw at us.

    Day 1 of the individual was pretty gruelling, the weather really turned it on, I was lucky enough to be partnered with USA Coach Steve Cunico, a gentleman of the sport who was very encouraging and informative, it’s interesting that even when competing on a world level, there are many willing to offer invaluable advice and help.

    Day 1 seen me finish in 8th place and taking gold for the 900yd, been up on the board with the likes of Derek Rodgers (2013 USA nationals winner) Trudy Fay, Darrel Buell and finishing in front of the likes of Bryan Litz, Daniel Pohlabel, well, let just say I had a grin.

    Day 2 brought with it its usual upsets for Raton, anyone that has been there knows how quickly the tides can turn, I was able to hold in at the 900yds taking out silver in the 900 yard agg. only missing out by 1 shot for the gold. And placing me in 12th overall for the FCWC Individuals.

    Well, if you have made it this far, there is a short article linked below from sporting shooter, thanks for reading….

    Click image for larger version

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    Well done Jasmay.
    Nice write up. Those medals look great!


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      well done mate Why are we different here in Oz in regards to rules? would have thought it easier just to go along with everyone else.

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    well done.
    if i may ask,....what sort of groups @ 900 yards (in inches etc) puts you on the podium at something like that?
    i'm a little bit uneducated in the long range comp stuff.


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      WoW 200 grains doing 2800


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          I've just got to bump this thread, and bring it to the fore ground once more with a big congratulations to Jasmay. What a great effort and experience.

          Thanks for the post mate.

          "If we meet offline and you look nothing like your Pics...You are buying me drinks until you do!"


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            Congratulations “jasmay”
            Excellent results you are a credit to the sport and your country.

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          Good on ya Jas,
          Bloody good going for a "beginner", and thanks for sharing the experience.