Mono Pods for rear rest

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  • Mono Pods for rear rest

    Are there many on here using them, whats your thoughts? DO you find they can effect recoil/consistency/accuracy when of different types of terrain?

    Just curious, I am an fclass shooter and hence use a sand bag most of the time, when I am in the field I just use my free hand as a rear rest.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    They are pretty useless in the field.

    Only benefit is its attached to your rifle so its always there if you know what i mean.

    But not good for field shooting really, only for observation


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      G'Day Fella's,

      Jasmay, I have developed a rear mono-pod that works!
      It features a QA/QD attachment mount and is instantly adjustable, without any additional movement!
      When I get its IP protected, and to refine its production method, I will release it to the market place!
      Everybody that has seen it (sure, that's not many but), wants one, or two....!!!