Vectronix Terrapin to be discontinued?

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  • Vectronix Terrapin to be discontinued?

    Hi there,
    Just fishing for any information on some dissapointing news I just recieved:

    The following statement was issued from Vectronix a few days ago,

    "About four years ago we have introduced the low cost Laser Rangefinder TERRAPIN. We are sorry to inform you that due to economic reasons, it has now been decided
    to discontinue the production of the all TERRAPIN models:

    908207 TERRAPIN, green
    909207 TERRAPIN, coyote brown
    910716 TERRAPIN, grey
    910717 TERRAPIN, dark blue

    For the moment Vectronix won’t be able to offer an adequate alternative in the price performance ratio of TERRAPIN.

    Before the production will be stopped, the following last time buy opportunity can be offered".
    SO has anyone else heard of this/know of the source of this statement, I cannot find it online and as it will force me into purchasing a terrapin if it is true I would really like to confirm it is true first before I drop 3 grand on a rangefinder!?!?!?


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    It might force me also.... These have always been near the top of the want list and that info may be the deciding factor. I go to use one last year and they certainly make other range finders look like golfers aids ! Just got to get it past the Minister for War.... What she doesn't understand surely wont worry her that much !


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      i have not heard/know about it and no one i know os has either. But get a will wonder what you did without it

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    Some time ago (1 year) I found a surveying range finder that had a better range. I think it did 3500m. It was about $3000. It was a bigger unit that the Terrapin but that would be fine for extreme ranging.

    Do you think I can find the damn thing again?

    It's out there somewhere.

    Surverying / mining. Some bloody place.


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      I forgot about Newcon. Their 3500 is supposed to be very good. m.html


      Damn export restrictions