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  • Gongs at Coolah

    Got a vid loading up on Utube ATM.
    Spent a week out at Coolah last week looking for pigs but they were pretty scarce (read, nowhere to be found) plenty of sign but it looked as though they had moved on a week or so prior.

    Anyway, I had my gongs with me & decided to make some noise on my last two days there.

    This one is pt, 2 loading up now but should be ready by about 10pm tonight.
    I think I may have slipped the F word in there once or twice.


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    Hi BillyBushCook
    I went to my long range black powder shoot last weekend ( stever31 /Roy Cobb ) and I nailed the 1130 yd target one shot only to be made no sighters and on our 1000 yd target I hit five from five ( only vernier sights no scopes used) will have to catch up at F class .
    This isn't rocket science guys ... it's more complicated than that, and it has aspects of the Dark Arts, And this smokeless stuff will not last


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      G'day Steve.
      That's a bloody good effort.
      What cal?
      Muzzle loaded?
      Need to get you on the gongs too by the sound of it

      800yds again this coming Sat at Cessnock, .....Keen as, already booked it in with the minister! :lol:
      Have you got an F Class rig yet? (sounds like you could use your BP rig in F/TR )

      Cheers, Mick.

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    Good stuff Mick, you have some big target Gongs. Do they stay at the property full time, I would imagine there would be some weight in them. Interested to know what weight Amax's you are using and powder??



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      Good stuff Mick,

      What are you shooting?


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        They get carted. Mostly only use the two 24" ones but at Coolah I can get out to 1K so I take the bigger one. Just easier to get on target in a wind. (but it doesn't help when you can't see them :lol: )
        The Amax are 168gr.

        FFwd to the end of the vid (last minute or so)