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    ‘SPRINT’ It’s not a rant if it is informative, objective and clear information...

    But I do have a couple of questions for you which may make your post somewhat even clearer to the members here...

    As a sub-contacting professional, did you yourself have IP?

    As a sub-contract professional in this particular industry for many years, do you consider the cover being sold by SSAA Insurance brokers is a value for money product within that industry? (Pit falls and Modus Operandi aside.)

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      Hi Herne , yes I did have IP for many years as it was a requirement when initially approaching insurers to obtain work.
      I had to have Public Liability& also Professional Indemnity & provide proof of these insurances each year..
      Each year as you get older naturally the premiums increase commensurate with age, I never got sick or had an accident or made a claim & would have been much better off. if I had deposited the annual premiums into the bank.
      However when clients insist on you having the insurances, basically to indemnify them if anything happened you had to have the insurances to obtain work from them.
      I imagine you would be in a similar situation with clients insisting on sighting proof of insurance before you commence work on a site.
      Just prior to my retirement at 64 the Annual premiums on all those insurances were horrendous.
      Herne I cant comment on the cover being pushed by SSAA, as I have not looked into it. However I think it would depend on which company was underwriting the insurance & this would be an important factor particularly as SSAA are effectively only acting as brokers for the insurance. I would think $15 per annum is ridiculously cheap for the cover that is being offered.
      This insurance does sound like the insurance that a lot of small sporting clubs have to have to cover members being injured the premiums are really cheap & the policies are underwritten by insurers supposedly based in the Baltic states or other parts of Europe & other remote locations. Sure you have a policy but how you would go about making a claim could be terribly difficult.
      I dont say the SSAA insurance is like this but it sure sounds like it. Will have a look into the SSAA IP insurance & get back to you.

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        Thread Stutter edited.... As to our ROE.

        Cheers ‘Dusty’. Some clarity would be good for punters as the advertising is fairly ambiguous and eludes to being more than just a top up.

        I have just recently been through some insurance claims and one was with this mob and one of it’s underwriters. I found the insurance cheap in comparison to most everyday insurance needs. A result was finally attained but FMD... It was a bit of a trip to the 'Fang Farrier' (Dentist).

        I didn’t have too much of an issue and no ‘real life’ surprises with the final result and definitely not the annual fees. But do with how it is sold to Members... The advertising I find a little deceptive (nothing new there concerning the product being flogged) But it’s to a Membership base.

        I noticed recently some of the wording in the damage and loss sales pitch has become a little more transparent in recent advertisements... A little.

        I'm going to drop the extra $15 on this ‘top up’ no matter, as its chicken feed and brings antiquated figures a little closer to what would really be required no matter who was under writing it...

        My Wife is European, Dutch to be exact. These buggers recycle farts! I’d just set my ‘Clog-Wog’ onto them once she got even the slightest hint of a dollar... They’d being coughing up just to make her leave them alone.

        But I wouldn’t consider real time insurance needs as the costs of those wouldn’t be a couple of small tack on's to an annual membership... Jeezus fellas, be a little fair, you’re not going to able pull an early retirement on a ‘Wog Back’ just dropping a few measly dollars.

        You all go on about the Sport being under scrutiny and constant danger of being shut down to rubber bands being shot off your thumb and index finger... If this is a way to boost funds for an association who can assist The ‘Fishers and Shooters’ party (watch a few wince here ) then... So be it.
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          I can't see it boosting any funds for shooters, it's just selling cheap insurance.
          I donated to help SFFP try to get another one in with the bi-election or what not coming up as that's how to make a difference.

          Also joined 3 political parties and about 5 fighting mobs.
          The next one to start up and start taking legal actions like the latest mob will also get my support.

          I feel they are about to attack but these legal actions seem to be putting the authorities on the back foot as they are dropping the actions rather than losing in court, looks like the direction we have to take.

          They also didn't get that bad one through that would have made us all criminals and at the cop's discretion LOL so the political arguing is also working to a degree.

          I just paid the SSAA normal with the guns cover as I have no interest in something that smells off.
          Also got no real income to cover if it did provide cover for that.

          Just my take on it all.


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            ‘Magoo’ it’s not about raising funds for shooters, they are just additional trimmings to Membership making membership more appealing .The more memberships the better... Especially now there seems to be some harmony between the association and party.
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              Not wrong Herne as when they were feuding must have been the all-time low and brought out the old saying of shooters being their own worst enemy.

              They should do OK as not many actually quit their membership and use the ranges.
              My local is getting crowded on a Tuesday now, more days than not.

              The new shooters would still be joining and keeping them growing.