changing an aluminium roof rack

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  • changing an aluminium roof rack

    I have a very strong and walk on roof rack that came from a previous 4x4

    to get one to suit my jeep similar I am looking at $1500...

    To the shed the question is...

    What is better cut and ali weld or cut and sleeve?


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    Really depends on your ability to weld aluminium I'd say. Can be a bugger of a material to weld sometimes.

    If you've got the right gear at hand (properly set up MIG with pure argon, correct rollers and fresh liner) and comfortable laying a clean bead then cut (use a proper ally cutting wheel, or hacksaw) weld and grind flush would give the cleanest result, like it was the right size to begin with. Certainly it is what I'd do, but I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoys welding ally (and have access to far more skilled welders should I balls it up!).


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      Mate you would be better off welding it

      Vibrations will affect its life
      And will drive you nuts with the rattle

      If your keen sleeve the join leave a good pen gap then weld her up it makes it stronger and easy to weld.
      Even swing out game lifts are good to chuck on if your welding on it
      And as Headworking said clean liner argon and rollers are a must.

      Cheers Mick