V8 Supercar Champ Russell Ingall is a shooter

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  • V8 Supercar Champ Russell Ingall is a shooter

    Just saw this on Facebook. Thought it was worth a share. Pity he doesn't drive a Ford :lol:
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    Is he really a shooter, or did he just get a session at Russell Mark's Corporate Shooting Stars business?

    And I'm not sorry to see him go.



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      haha spoken like a real Holden supporter. No idea if he shoots that much. I took the picture off the WA SSAA Facebook page

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    I have met a few V8 Supercar drivers that also shoot.
    The late Ford Supercar & Motorcycle Champion Legend (Having won both Supercar and Motorcycle races at Bathust), Gregg Hansford was a keen pistol shooter.
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      S'pose you gotta have something going for you when you drive a Holden


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        Like most drivers he has driven for Ford in fact won his only championship in a falcon. Very few drivers who have only driven for one manufacturer
        He might be looking for something to do next year :lol: