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  • Home Alarm System recommendations and Sydney based installers

    Hi all,

    I was unlucky enough to be broken into yesterday. On the upside my toys were all left alone but my wife's jewelry was all lifted. I came home early and must of disturbed them. Didn't even realise until an hour later as I never went upstairs. When the cops came they seemed more interested in doing a Safe inspection for my pistols then talking to the neighbours(I did this myself)

    So an alarm system is on the books. I have started looking at the Bosch systems and the configuration will need some wireless reed and motion sesors. I like the idea of getting an sms or call if the alarm is triggered as I have the wife's blessing to go all CCTV crazy in the access area and will be able to view remotely.

    So, What are other peoples experiences with brands/installers and what should I look out for?

    Also, if you know of any good contacts in Sydney regards installers please recommend.


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      Cannot help you per-say but I have been re-jigging my things as I am moving soon, one thing I am doing this time is getting a CBUS compatible alarm system with the ultimate idea of putting it into a CBUS home automation system, which in turn if the alarm is triggered, turn on all the lights on the property to give the CCTV system the best chance of getting video, also I am putting in a second DVR in a second location on the property, as if the thieves find one, it is unlikely they will look for a second.

      To this end I have been recommended by another person an NESS alarm system

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    I'm not sure if they do domestic work but I'd recommend Melcris Security (they are Sydney based). They look do all of my commercial work (monitoring a "highly desirable" product...).

    Looking through my last few quotes and Pacom HD DVR's and Panasonic SD6 camera's seem to be the pick. Not cheap though, >$3k for the DVR and >$1k each for the camera's.
    Good thing I sandbagged the [email protected]#k out of that match or I'd be B Grade in Classic now too................


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      camera's have started to be on the wanted list by crim's for a little while now. we have had a few clients lose theirs, rock up for patrols and find wires hanging from roofs and no camera's.