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    I have a 40hp, 1997 Evinrude outboard which has had the power tilt removed. Does anyone know which year models would be compatible as a replacement, in particular a 1993 unit as there is one for sale at the moment. Thanks for your time, NBT.

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    Hi NBT, they look identical... There are slight difference in models, but the trim units look the same from 89 / 00 at least..
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      Thanks for the reply, I thought they looked the same, but have only had pictures to compare.
      The replacement motor is listed as the same from 89 through the 90's, so I thought there's a pretty good chance the whole unit is the same.


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        mate, try http://www.boats.net they have all the diagrams and part numbers to compare between models.

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      Thanks for the link mate, plenty of info on that site.