Other interests - M'Bikes, ATV's, 4x4's and technology.

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  • Other interests - M'Bikes, ATV's, 4x4's and technology.

    I guess like everyone I have interests outside of guns, hunting and shooting related stuff. What does everyone get up to?

    I have been pursuing making myself a successful small business over the last 4 years as I am stuck home as TPD and one of the things I have found out is that to be an incredible success you have to own the IP. So over the last year particularly I have been looking at the things that interest me most and therefore I might have found outu some level of knowledge about them that may let me take advantage of that as a product idea.

    So now I dont if I quite qualify but Ive started to put all these idea's out there as things to be developed via various platforms so I may even be an inventor now.

    I have interest in developing a Joint venture with a company in the US to make a multiwheel (3 or 4) road legal motorcycle and have made significant progress with that that will be and starting to promote it heavily for crowd funding.
    SpeKter Designs

    I have for a long time run a Facebook page particularly centred around the sports style of UTVs known as SXS's and have an active interest in achieving rec rego
    SXS Vehicles

    I had to sell one when I became ill but hope to get back in one again

    And I guess the last education and work i did was in Robotics and engineering and now a site has come along for me to take advantage of in terms of my idea's that would never ever see the light of day besides.
    PIDbot idea - your portable robot

    Its certainly taking up a lot of my time now!! lol

    Anybody else keeping their hands and mind busy outside of shooting?

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    Sporting Firearms, yes , we generally have interests outside of our first love, ie rifles, gneyuns, etc. , haha, It's what makes us human.
    I'm a farmer on the far south coast of NSW, and my beautiful wife/partner and I breed, train, and ride Palomino Warmblood horses. Our goal is to continue improving our blood lines and to produce top quality coloured warmbloods that are unavailable in Australia and beyond.
    We have been fairly successful to date, but as I say our goal is to continue to improve, and that takes money, time, guts and luck.
    We now have now sold horses to every state in Australia, and we continuously receive letters and emails about the beautiful character and quality of our horses.
    I know horses aren't for everyone, so plug in whatever you like or do, and have a go. You may not succeed, and it may even kill you, but it's quite a ride!!!

    Oh and by the way, one other interest I have, I'm a practicing psychic. There you go boys, deal with that can of worms!!!! hahaha and watch it, I know what you're thinking!!!! :P


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      Other interests for me are 4wdriving / modifying my patrol, zx9r, camping, exploring old mines including abseiling into them. Also once I get a lathe and milling machine looking forward to doing more of my own smithing work and engineering work.
      At the moment brain fade

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    Interesting you went for a 9 on the track, the 7 is an absolute beast and would be a tremendous track bike


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      Yeh love the 9 electric blue in colour, was one of the very last before the 10 came out. Done a few mods BMC filter, Blueflame system and re tune goes very nicely also re jigged the suspension to suit me. It goes very nicely on track days been to Winton, Broadford and the Island like to try Eastern Creek one day. I like the 10's but they are bit like a bull in a china shop don't know what the later models are like.
      SP don't like patrols hey.

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    Good to see some other interests, I forgot to subscribe to my thread so i doidnt actually get any emails so sorry if anyone is miffed I didn't say anything about their post.

    I have never been a fan of flat 4's in bikes, its growing up on a farm that done it to me, have to keep the revs down so V-twins (Last road bike was a VTR1000) are the go for me, but I very much appreciate that the Kawasaki has been so barking mad they havent had to change it much at all for over a decade i would have thought I last saw them claim more than shaving a kilo or two off the motor all round. In the SXS world they have the strongest CVT on the market, Ive been waiting for 2 years (so this is the 3rd) for them to mate that with a 1000cc Vtwin racer but the Japanese firms have been a little backwards in coming forwards with a racing SXS but when they do I guess look out US brands.

    There's so many things I'd like to get involved in like PC Modding but Im not techie, I have done a course on building a PC from scratch before and did it twice but that was years ago now. I also have an idea for a multi screen and platform workstation all built in but it will cost me an arm and a leg and I havent got that green to play with, well its lower on my list of priorities for lots of green when I have it! lol

    For those working with Audrino boards if any of you build your own Segway device and there is a ready written program that can be down loaded if you build a base I have an idea for a balancing platform but I'll do that after my motorcycle project.

    Those doing Ham radio I'll send my mobile number in case the announcement is made that earth is going to be cleared from the path of an intergallactic super highway! lol (or however they said it on Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy)

    The things we'd do if only we had serious cash and not keep breaking our bank on guns!!


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      A fully committed weirdo, I own and use a dictionary, ride a Guzzi and listen to classical music on youtube after tea every night.


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        i dabble in wheelin and dealing. ill buy anything i can turn for a profit, buying things around the $1000 mark, few nights in the shed and its back on the market for $2000. i dont get to see completion of things i do at work as its all on paper or shipped up north befor the final stage so for me its important to have things in life i can say i did that from wo to go.

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      Welp, besides shooting, I'm into:

      - Chasing the best sunset I can find by long distance bushwalking. Life is much, much better more than three days walk out of civilisation, where I'm the only idiot in the grid square.

      - Japanese sci-fi anime, such as Ghost in the Shell, Robotech and Captain Harlock.

      - Trying to develop my own business offering design consultancy in bushwalking gear, military load bearing equipment and other outdoor activities. It keeps me off the streets and out of gaol, by keeping me fit (I have to try out all the gear I review) and learning the business side of the house, learning how to develop the IT and social media stuff, and turns my usual web surfing and real life interests about fancy kit into a useful business activity
      I'm doing alright, starting to earn beer money as well as domestic and international recognition with it so far.

      I just wish I had more time! I'd love to be able to give away the day job in manufacturing (was previously coal mining) and be able to work from home except for those times I'm off on a field trip reviewing gear.
      Where we are, where we belong, where we should be.


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        Love ghost in the shell etc great, also like Cosplay a bit more for its reality but then they have to do the best costume as in look less like anyone other than the character come to life.

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      Bikes are my other main passion. Currently have a yamaha for the go fast and a sporty for the go ( a little ) slower.

      Other interests are 4bys, performance cars, indoor rockclimbing, homebrew and cooking.