Mariner 25hp Impella Replacement (mid 90s model 2 banga)

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  • Mariner 25hp Impella Replacement (mid 90s model 2 banga)

    Completely off the topic of shooting.

    Just tried to remove the bottom unit from my outboard to replace the impella. Once it's off the job should be straight forward. Problem is I can't figure out how to detach the water hose and gear shift shaft. Could spend hours screwing around with it and end up busting something!

    Searched the internet and haven't had much luck finding instructions for similar units. Plenty of youtube vids but all newer models or larger models, etc, where the unit just drops out.

    Anyone got a mid 90's model Mariner, Mercury or Yamaha 25hp 2 stroke (i think 20-35hp are same set up??) and can explain it for me.

    Much appreciated.

    List to tick off:
    - TICK!!! NEW SCOPE: Sightron S-tac 2.5-17.5 X 56mm
    - TICK !!Left handed 223rem, Zastava M85
    - wildcat build in progress: 223McShort
    - TICK!!! Rebarrel Howa to 7mm-08
    - TICK!!! case trimmer/turner
    - Comp dies for 7mm-08
    - Case annealer
    - Custom dies for wild cat

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    Alas I've not changed the impeller in a Yamaha 25hp (we had a 40hp 4-stroke and 85hp 2-stroke several boats ago) but having experienced the frustration in destroying not 1 but 3 impellers in an old Mercury 3.5hp due to impromper fitment, I do wish you the best of luck in your endeavour!


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      hmmm.. thanks... sound's promising! :S